The Proof



Here's a new frag video by DaveR and the Onyx clan, which is supposed to be "The Proof" of their "pwnage." :P The quality is superb, the effects are great, and the music is exciting, but honestly the frags leave a lot to be desired. There's nothing abnormally cool about the frags in the video, and that wouldn't be such a problem if there were more of them. It seems like you see a frag every 15 seconds or so with lots of running and missed shots in between, which isn't good for a movie in this category. There are also other things littering the good stuff like occasional accidental team kills, and melee matches that last 30 seconds too long (show me the final bash, not all the misses). As I said, on the technical side the video is just fine, but the content isn't so spectacular. Well, if you've got some extra time to have a look for yourself, I encourage you to do so just to see what I'm talking about, and as always, leave your comments below. :)



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