The Royal Winnipeg Rifles



Nassau Kennedy. The regimental Latin motto is Hosti Acie Nominati, which means named by the enemy in battle. After the Battle of Fish Creek during the North-West Rebellion of 1885, a captured Mtis asked, "The red coats we know, but who are those little black devils?", a reference to the fact that while infantry of the line wore red coats, the Winnipeg soldiers were clad in traditional rifle green.During the First World War, the regiment raised several battalions for the Canadian Expeditionary Force.In the 1920 reorganization of the Canadian Militia following the report of the Otter Committee, the regiment's former designation as 90th Regiment was dropped and the current designation of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles was adopted.Three battalions of the regiment served during the Second World War. The 1st Battalion served in the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, the 2nd Battalion was a reserve unit that remained on part-time duty in Winnipeg, and a 3rd Battalion served in the Canadian Army Occupation Force.The 1st Battalion were among the first Allied troops to land on the Normandy beaches on D-Day. They served throughout the Northwest Europe campaign, including the Battle of the Scheldt, the Rhineland, and the final battles across the Rhine, before returning to Canada in 1945. The 3rd Battalion was raised in 1945 and remained in Germany until 1946.In 1955, the regiment amalgamated with The Winnipeg Light Infantry with no change in designation.[/quote]Check out the screenies below and download these high quality--as always--skins right away! :D :thumbsup:~Cheese


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