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Here's yet another large-scale CoD2 production for today, this time by TheJWForce. I'm extremely overworked and underpaid, though (actually...


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Here's yet another large-scale CoD2 production for today, this time by TheJWForce. I'm extremely overworked and underpaid, though (actually not technically paid at all, unfortunately :( ), so I'm not going to try to make sense of the millions of new features mentioned in the ReadMe. Soon I should have one or two more co-workers (or co-volunteers, rather) here on the site, so then I'll be able to focus more on the few files I post instead of on the 5-10 I'm forced to post on a daily basis. And now that you're done with that world's-smallest violin, you can move on to the mod! Check out the ReadMe below for a complete listing of all that's included, and if it sounds appealing to you, download TheJWForce War Gaming Mod today! :)


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 TheJWForce War Gaming Mod
 // File
 Name -> Z_TJWF_War_Gaming_V1.iwd
 Size -> Midle
 Scanned -> Yes, With AVG And Ad-Aware
 // In Game Ad (When Playing)
 Quick Chat -> Bjuster Taunts ( Bjuster Taunts By A Other Modder!!! ) & Music Taunts
 Gametypes -> Heavy TDM,DM,HQ,CTF,SD
 Smoke -> Dale's Colored Smoke ( Mod By Dale!!! )
 Speed -> Every Weapon Has A Beter Speed Accept Pistols!
 Ammo -> Can Reload When You Won't & Ammo Is Different For Every Heavy Gametype!
 Weapons -> Ad G43 Sniper & Panzerschreck & Panzerfield ( By A Other Modder ){ Change Scope To British Scope }
 Other Weapons Ingame Menus x -> Is Not In Use Only By New Accounts Then It Will be 3!
 Ad It To My Keys Press ~ Then Type In Your Console:
 /bind <<your key>> "openScriptMenu tjwf_ingame changeweapon"
 My One = { /bind F8 "openScriptMenu tjwf_ingame changeweapon" }
 // Contact
 Made By -> TheJWForce
 Site ->
 E-Mail ->

 // Out Game Ad (Like Main Menu)
 New Background Sound To Your Main Menu
 Creating Server Can Now Also Select If You Want To Play With Or Without:
 G43 Sniper
 Frag Grenades
 Smoke Grenades
 Fire Nades

 // Tested
 On Call of Duty 2 V1.3
 Pure Servers & Un Pure Servers
 Dedicated & Non Dedicated Servers
 Punkbuster & Non Punkbuster Servers
 It Gives Here No Errors!

 // Install
 Put Z_TJWF_War_Gaming_V1.iwd In Your "Call of Duty\main" Folder

 // Un-Install
 Delete Z_TJWF_War_Gaming_V1.iwd Out Of Your "Call of Duty\main" Folder

 // This Mod ( V1 )
 Bjuster Taunts
 Music Taunts
 Colored Smoke
 More Ammo
 2 Heavy Gametypes
 More Speed ( Walk,Prone,Crouch )
 // Next Mod ( Z_TJWF_War_Gaming_V2.iwd ) Ad by TheJWForce
 Al Things Of Z_TJWF_War_Gaming_V1.iwd
 Heavy Hitman
 Heavy V.I.P.
 Heavy Enhanced Headquarters
 Heavy Zombies
 Music Taunts 3
 Music Taunts Renamed To Music Taunts 1
 Music Taunts 2
 \ From Other Modders
 Enhanced Headquarters
 // Bug Supported Mail \
 Do Not Modif This Mod It Can Give Bugs!!!

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