Tim451's Realistic M1 Garand Mod

Here's another neat weapon mod by Tim451, this time for his first modded American gun, the M1 Garand. The skin features lightened and shar...


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Here's another neat weapon mod by Tim451, this time for his first modded American gun, the M1 Garand. The skin features lightened and sharpened metal, along with a brand new "photo-realistic" wood texture, and the gun also has a new bump map. In addition to the new skin, a firing sound has been included, which you may have heard from one of Notsafeforwork's mods. Last but not least, there's a modded weapon file in the pack, so the gun should feel different, as well as look and sound different. :P Anyway, if you like what you see in the screenshots below, then download this sweet M1 Garand mod today! :thumbsup:

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Download 'tims_realistic_garand_mod.zip' (1.87MB)


Tim451's Realistic M1 Garand Mod (Version 1.0)


The mod contains:

A realistic M1 Garand skin featuring lighter, sharper, more 
realistic metal and a new photo-realistic wood texture, plus 
minor modifications to the bump map too

A realistic firing sound (thanks to Notsafeforwork for letting 
me use this)

(I edited the sound a bit to create a sound for the last shot 
of the clip with a nice ping sound added to it)

A revamped weapon file


Ive given the M! Garand the same treatment I gave the British
weapons so if you liked my British weapon mod you should like
this :P

Ive used making this mod as an incentive to rework all of the 
other American weapons so I should be relesing an American 
weapon mod in the not so distant future


The changes to the weapons characteristics are:

Increased weapon sway when moving whilst aiming down the sight
for added realism (sway decreases while in the prone position)

Increased damage so that a well aimed shot to the torso or 
head kills in one shot from most weapons

A slight decrease in accuracy for added realism

Realistic weapon sway while aiming down the sight like on 
Brothers in Arms (but tamed down a little bit)because lets 
face it - its impossible to hold a rifle completely still as 
it is, let alone with mortars and gunfire all around (I have 
worked to balance realistic sway with playability, e.g. it 
is not impossible to aim but it does take longer than usual

The new weapons characteristics will only show up in SP at 
the moment (I wanted to make the SP experience more realistic) 
but everything else (the skin & the sound) will work fine if 
the servers unpure.


To Install:

Just paste the iwd into your CoD2 main folder and run the
game! Make sure you have no other skin mods installed that 
might conflict with this, and if you are using online make 
sure the server is unpure and has the mod... Enjoy!


Created by Tim James aka Tim451 2006
DO NOT try to pass this skin off as your own work!


Many thanks to Notsafeforwork for supplying the sound and 
giving me feedback while I was creating the skin

Also, special thanks to Infinity ward for releasing an 
unfinished game that needs modding :D


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