.:TM:. Traid Mark Promotional Movie

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Here's a cool new 'progressive' frag video (I say that because it's not just kill after kill like other frag videos :P ), which was meant to be a promotion for the author's clan called Traid Mark. It's got sweet music and the footage was well-recorded; the only reason I knocked off a point in "Quality" was because the recorded game sounds weren't that great (blame it on Fraps). Whatever the case, you should still enjoy watching the video with the fun music and nice little story, so if you've got some time to kill, download this Traid Mark Promo now! ;)




Thank you for downloading the  .:TM:. Traid Mark Promotional Movie!!! We hope
it motivates you to join. You can do so at www.freewebs.com/tmark

If you have any questions regarding join Traid Mark or the movie, you may
e-mail me at kikoredog(AT)aol(DOT)com    [anti spam stuff :/]

Installization- Just unzip the movie file to your desktop. Double click it,
and enjoy :)

Producer/Editor- Slayer

Actors-Storm,TheBestNoob,Dawg, and Sparky

Music-Requirium for a dream by 

	Other 2 songs are Unknown

Special Thanks to Madskillz for showing me the way, and for 1 of the songs :D

	     2006 Copyrighted,Traid Mark .:TM:. All Right Reserved

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