Here's the "Final" version of Ramza's map of Tobruk, a British vs. German CoD2 multi-player map taking place in North Africa. I persona...


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Here's the "Final" version of Ramza's map of Tobruk, a British vs. German CoD2 multi-player map taking place in North Africa. I personally appreciate this map very much because it stays true to the CoD2 feel and looks as though Infinity Ward could have made it themselves! In addition to the aesthetic value, the map plays quite nicely as well, with lots of different areas to fight in, excellent natural cover, and great object placement to build a realistic atmosphere. This updated version also includes a new gametype to add to the mix, Headquarters, which complements the already varied assortment available to players: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Search and Destroy. Finally, the map is recommended for play with 10-18 players, so if you want this bad boy on your server, check out the screenshots below and download it now! :thumbsup:

  • Added compatibility with Headquarters gametype
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs
  • Combined PAM and Non-PAM versions into one file

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Download '' (13.92MB)

MAP: mp_tobruk

An important shipping port in Eastern Libya, the german army sent the 15th and 21st Panzer Divisions to take the town. Generalleutnant Erwin Rommel drove the British back across Cyrenecia to Tobruk, laying siege to it until June 21, 1942 when Allied forces surrendered there after a failed attempt to relieve the strongpoint. 

It is now up to you and your comrades in arms to liberate this city once again as it was on November 11, when Tobruk was recaptured and remained in Allied hands thereafter.

dm / tdm / ctf / sd / hq  (10-18 players recommended)

Known Issues:	- None

Place zzz_mp_tobruk.iwd in your game's/server's "main" folder.

Note: This map contains two versions to use a non-pam version use /map mp_tobruk, to use a pam capable version use /map mp_tobruk_pam.  You no longer need to use two iwd files, both are now contained within zzz_mp_tobruk.iwd.

Map created by: Ramza ([email protected], xfire: ramzaelb)
HQ scripting by: Paratus, W4r&Peace

You are free to redistribute the map on CD, DVD etc, as long as it is non-profit, modified or "plugged" into a mod without notifying me.

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