Let's make this short and sweet. :) The developer known as shooter-szene has released a new version of UltraStats, the online stat-tracker...


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Let's make this short and sweet. :) The developer known as shooter-szene has released a new version of UltraStats, the online stat-tracker for CoD, CoDUO, and CoD2. This intensive utility for keeping players informed features all sorts of hooks, and this version has tons more to check out! I won't put it all here because it's just too much; instead, check out the ReadMe below, take a peek at the screenies, click here and here for two working samples, and download UltraStats today! :thumbsup:


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Download 'ultrastatsbuild0.1.131.zip' (4.82MB)

UltraStats Version 0.1.131

A new version of Ultrastats has been released with a lot of new features and some bugs were fixed.

note: thats not a final release just a new Beta

Supported Games:


Supported Languages:


New Features
- Added new languages (thanks to translators): hungary (j.james), french (by tintin62), dutch (by hunter)
- Added internal DB Version and upgrade script used for database updates and future database updates
- Added support to strip color codes from name when searching for aliases
- Added support for FTP Passive Mode (Database Update needed!)
- Minor changes in the Server Table and added MOD_UNKNOWN into damage types
- Added WeaponTypes constants (For tanks etc)
- Added New script to help you building a valid FTP Url

- Fixed bug Pager when no Sorting was used
- Added some experimental tweaks. Some tables are now locked during game processing. This may speed up the inserts, but also cause other problems.
- Added another check for Guids in Chat Logging function to avoid SQL Error's
- fixed wrong caption on left upper arm, no shows correct one.
- Fixed Missing Alias SQL Bug, no a error is logged instead
- Added Banned Player Check into Medal Calculation
- Fixed bug which could cause the first gameround of a gamelog not to be parsed.
- Sniper Medal Bug fixed, Springfield wasn't counted. Thanks to Sacks for this one
- Fixed bug in Step 5, no statements were made as some Linux Version read files with \n linefeeds instead of \r\n linefeeds.
- Fixed pistol medalbug, thx to Sacks
- Added WTF Error check ;)
- if medals are disabled, they won't be shown now.
- Added precheck for MySQL 3.x in the MYSQL Connect function! If MySQL 3.x is used, a critical error is raised.
- Fixed minor bugs in the pagerfunction of most killed and mosted killed by
- Fixed a bug where the ServerLogo value was not correctly filled (CaseSensitive issue)
- Fixed all WTF Errors with a new ERROR Class. Processing isn't stopped anymore because of WTF Error's ;). This means Damagtypes, HitLocations and so on are automatically added into the database.
- Fixed minor NOTICE bugs in the Parser Pages.
- Changed default Runtime for the Webmode of the Parser to 110 seconds, if allowed by PHP configuration.
- Fixed Admin Login lockout bug
- And fixed some minor bugs not mentioned here

Demo Webpage (CoD2): http://cod2demo.ultrastats.org
Demo Webpage (CoD): http://coddemo.ultrastats.org

Support Forum (English/German): http://www.shooter-szene.de/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=index&c=28

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