Vampyr, scoped & unscoped StG-44

(ZF-4):zzzz_scopedstg44.iwd Vampyr StG-44 (ZG-1229) 1st model:zzzz_vampyrstg44.iwd Vampyr StG-44 (ZG-1229) 2nd model:zzzz_vampyr2stg44.iwd...


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(ZF-4):zzzz_scopedstg44.iwd Vampyr StG-44 (ZG-1229) 1st model:zzzz_vampyrstg44.iwd Vampyr StG-44 (ZG-1229) 2nd model:zzzz_vampyr2stg44.iwdThe StG-44 model, ZF-4scope model and scope hangers were made by me (MCh2207Cz).The Vampyr scope model was made by Torr, he permissioned its use for me.The whole model has been changed according to the reference photo and maximal historical accuracy (see screens). It is SP and MP friendly and it replaces the stock unscoped MP-44. It goes with new skin (DX9 compatible), new sounds (fire, foley, reload, shelleject), new icons (HUD pickup icons, MP menu icons, fire mode icons) and realistic scopes (ZF-4 x4 and ZG-1229 Vampyr IR).If applying for MP use I RECOMMEND UNPURE SERVER.1) The script compatibility maximized. Almost all stuff uses its uniques files to reduce error probability (the only exceptions to the rule are necessary weaponfiles and mp menu icon).2) THIS MODIFICATION IS AN UPDATE TO MY "Scoped MP44".3) Note that this modification is COMPATIBLE WITH my "Modified P-38" (all versions),"Scoped SVT-40" (all versions), "New BARs" (all versions), "MP-41" (all versions), "Carbine M2" (all versions), "HDM Silenced" (all versions), "FG42s" (all versions). Note that this modification is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH my "Portable MG-42". Do not apply it at the same time - it can cause errors - it replace the same weapon. Other modifications have not been tested.

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