Here's a new CoD2 map called Verladenpanzer by a new developer known as blmeanie. It's a darn good "first attempt" at a map, too, if yo...


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Here's a new CoD2 map called Verladenpanzer by a new developer known as blmeanie. It's a darn good "first attempt" at a map, too, if you stop and take a look. However, there's one major problem that turns me off to the fluid design and clever item placement: the overbright lighting. It's usually just one thing that keeps a good map from being great, and in this case, that would be the lighting. Other than that, the map features some neat things, such as compatibility with all the gametypes, an underground tunnel system, and a few mounted guns here and there. With that in mind, check out the screenshots below, and if you can bear the light on your eyes, download this cool little map now! ;)


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Download '' (4.54MB)

README  for the COD2 custom map Verladenpanzer

Released: Sunday, August 27th, 2006

short name :mp_verla
long name : verladenpanzer

Designed and created by blmeanie entirely as a fictional battlefield

*Modification or usage of any part of this package is allowed without permission of the creator, but this readme file must be included in the redistribution package, Thank you.

mp_verla (c) 2006

- other credits:
	- extensive testing by the members of  aka Rogue Warriors, and pubs alike
	- tremendous and continuous help from the modsonline community. Without their help this would not have happened.

Email : [email protected]
Guild site:
My mapping site:

- Extract or copy the iwd file into the main folder
- Map call is /map mp_verla

Map Information:
This was my first attempt at a map.  I set out to make a map that allowed for multiple gaming styles to co-exist.  Both run and gunners and snipers should find a home on this map.

The map is relatively small but IMO this does not restrict gameplay.  

- TDM, DM, CTF, SD, and HQ gametypes all supported and tested.
- Mixed use of prefab buildings and custom made structures
- Below ground tunnel system to aid in covert movement on this relatively small map. 
- Three (3) mounted guns in all gametypes
- No known map exploits, tested and revised to block any during the testing process
- Allies : Americans
- Axis : Germans
- Size : small to medium
- 15 TDM spawn points
- 15 DM spawn points
- Supported players : 24 or less
- Effects : fire, smoke, minefields

Map Download: 
-	various online download spots


Design Time:
- Approx. 3 months, off and on
- began in May of 2006
- finished late August 2006
- I have 5 children and enjoy playing these games too, I was often distracted away from designing, lol

Map Story: 
- The map is a portion of a fictional town that could have been used by the Germans to load panzers onto outbound trains for quick transport to action.  About one third of the map is the loading area where there are tanks, trucks and other vehicles waiting to be loaded and this area has two active guard towers with mounted guns to keep an eye on the equipment.  From this lower level, you can take the access road up or use the tunnels to move into the other parts of the map.  The "main" brick building in the middle of the map serves as a garage and provides access to the highest elevation point in the map, the rooftop.  Beware going up there, while you can see plenty, you are also visible from below.  Action can be fast and furious but in testing we have also found it to be fun and rewarding.

Map Name:
- The map name evolved over time, once the concept of the train loading station became a big part of the map concept the name followed.  I used an English/German on-line translator and played around with variations of German words for "load".  Beladen Sie is German for "Load them" this was the working title for a day or two, lol, then upon further searching I found a variation in German on load - "verladen" and choose to go with that because words with V's are cooler.  Then the tanks being loaded are Panzers hence the name verladenpanzer.

- I would gladly accept feedback, both positive and negative, from those that download and play this map.

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