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Skyguy is back with that original map from Infinity Ward but now tweaked with additions and a new rain script. This already big map is now b...


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Skyguy is back with that original map from Infinity Ward but now tweaked with additions and a new rain script. This already big map is now bigger and is compatible in DM, TDM, SD, CTF, and HQ. For those of you who wonder what is so special about the rain script, it is a randomizing script which will make the map start out with a fifty percent chance of rain (I feel like a weather man :P) and the percentage can be changed by just simply doing a small console command. So for those of you who like Villers and maybe think it's missing something or needs some precipitation while playing, then this is the map for your server! :D


EDIT: I reposted as a zip with the ReadMe and map IWD included, along with screenshots on this file post. —xXezekielXx

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Download '' (20.76MB)


Map Title		: Villers2
Map Creation		: Infinity Ward
Conversion and Enhanced	: Skyguy
Scripting		: BionicNipple
E-mail			:,
Website			:


Supported Gametypes	: DM, TDM, SD, CTF, HQ

Installation / Usage	: Place the iwd in your cod2/main directory.....or in your fs_game directory
			: Feel free to rename the file to a shorter filename to reduce the
			  info_string and checksum issues with CoD2 and custom maps.
			: Custom scripts can be reused, but please give credit/acknowledgement
			: Map should be compatible with most mods (AWE, Powerserver, WRM, etc)

CVARS/Toys		: Rain can be turned on/off/random via cvar.
			  In Villers2 there is a 50% chance of rain each time the map is loaded (and 
			  each round in S&D). If you wanted to change this to a 25% chance of rain, you 
			  can do this via the cvar "mp_villers_rain". The change will take effect when 
			  the map is restarted (or a new round starts in S&D). Setting the chance of 
			  rain to 0% will turn off rain completely and setting the chance of rain 
			  to 100% will ensure that rain falls everytime the map is played.

			  Via console:

			  \rcon set mp_villers2_rain "0"
			  \rcon set mp_villers2_rain "25"
			  \rcon set mp_villers2_rain "100"

			  Or add a similar line to your server config:

			  set mp_villers2_rain "0"
			  set mp_villers2_rain "25"
			  set mp_villers2_rain "100"

			: Find the radio and use your binocs to aid in the attack ;)


Known Bugs		: A few texture glitches and a grass patch intersecting through a wall.  Was 
			  too late to change, too lazy to recompile.

			  Enabling rain may cause pings to jump on some servers.


Quick Thought		: I originally started this map when the CoD2 Mod Tools were first released.
			  However, I put it on hold indefinitely to work on Fort BHC.  Then took a
			  complete break from mapping for quite awhile.....only recently decided to
			  finish this map conversion after starting Radiant again.

			  I know the R&R guys did this map conversion already, and I highly respect
			  their work, so this was never meant to compete, etc.  As I said, this was 
			  started LONG ago and I just wanted to finish it.  I've taken a different 
			  approach to this conversion anyway, added some things, and wanted to have 
			  some fun with it.  So yes, Villers been done already but this one differs
			  quite a give it a try and remember Rule #1: Have Fun!


Special Thanks / Credit	: Deathbringer for extensive testing
			: Bullet_Worm for his HQ spawn points in his original SP conversion...I never 
			  play HQ and didn't bother to find original ones
			: MODSonline Forums and IWNation Forums
			: Infinity Ward for an SP map that had great potential as an MP map
                        : BHC,The greatest gaming community on the internet

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