Viper's No Zoom Mod



Here's another CoD2 single-player mod for today, this time by the developer known as Viper. As the name suggests, this mod removes the zoom effect when going ADS on all CoD2 weapons with the exception of the sniper rifles. I personally think it looks really strange to see the entire weapon in front of you with no zoom, but many of you hardcore 'no-zoom' fans will certainly enjoy this mod. Have a look at the screenies below to see how it looks, and if you like the idea, download this tiny CoD2SP mod now! :)




NoZoom Singleplayer Modification - by Viper

You can only use this modification in Single Player.
As the name says, there is absolutely no zoom in unscoped weapons, all SMGs, (Bolt-Action)rifles, Support guns, Handguns.

To install;
Place the .iwd in your 'Call of Duty 2/Main' folder.

To uninstall;
Remove the .iwd in your 'Call of Duty 2/Main' folder.

Have fun.

- Viper

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