Vocal Intensity



WARNING: The following mod contains strong language that may be offensive in nature.

LICENSE AGREEMENT: By downloading this mod, you assert that you own a legally acquired copy of Brothers in Arms (BiA) and therefore can legally use this Call of Duty 2 mod that contains BiA content.

Here's a great new mod by 101 Airborne that uses sound bytes from Brothers in Arms for the CoD2 battle chatter. This stuff really does increase the vocal intensity of the game, so much so that I wish I could offer you a sample somehow to entice you. :P In any case, just take my word for it, download the mod, and scream along with your game! :D




Vocal Intensity
WARNING: Strong language

First off this is for the Americans only.
Now, with all the mods coming out that get down to the gritty bones of war,
causing people to get blown apart, adding blood pools to their corpses, increasing the visual intensity of war,
their hasn't been anything that increased the voices of the men you're fighting with to that point.
I mean really getting mad at the enemy. 
Right now, the men sound like they're stuck in an old war film from the 50's,
hardly saying anything worse than hell (not that that's a bad thing)
With this mod, we update it from, say, Longest Day, to Band of Brothers.
This replaces the taunts with stuff from Brothers in Arms (I imagine that gives you an idea),
and adds more colorful orders and things of that nature to really fulfill the atmosphere of battle.
If you've played BiA, you may have heard some of the sentences and orders before,
but looking through the stuff, I found unused sentences (Not enough room in the game I guess), and I put those in.

OK, after trying to say what this mod is about in the most un-offensive way possible, I can talk to you about the file's themselves.
There's three. You need all three. I had to separate them because of issues with files combining and mixing up and stuff.

Take all three IWD files and put them in your main folder

Delete the IWD files

If you have overprotective parents, and they yell at you because of this mod, I don't wanna hear about it.
Your problem.

Have fun!

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