Voolma's SP German Mod



Here's another "first mod" for today by a different author, voolma, that changes all the CoD2 Allies to Germans and vice versa to really flip the game around. :) We've seen a few mods like this before, mainly for the CoD2 demo, but this one does a great job of completing every last detail down to the now-Russian prisoner in the 'training' mission. ;) The idea is there and the mod is done well, so if you want a new feel to your CoD2 single-player campaigns, check out the screenshots below of this cool new mod and download it now! :thumbsup:




this is my first mod.. i worked on this about 2 weeks and this mod changes allies to germans and most of vehicels to.


place zzz_GERMAN.iwd into your call of duty 2 main folder

NOTE!! just before matmata mission place the zzz_GERMANMOD.iwd into your call of duty 2 main folder and delete zzz_GERMAN.iwd from there

because in matmata mission you have to shoot down the planes.. and the enemy planes are british and you cant shoot them down.. i dont know why..
I try to fix it later. when i have more time.


delete zzz_GERMANMOD.iwd or zzz_GERMAN.iwd from your call of duty 2 main folder.

anybody can edit or use this mod how they like to..

if anybody have questions 

msn:[email protected]

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