Here's a cool new CoD2 gametype from SevenSniff, Warzone. This gametype is based off of the Gears of War gametype 'WarZone' and is a lot...


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Here's a cool new CoD2 gametype from SevenSniff, Warzone. This gametype is based off of the Gears of War gametype 'WarZone' and is a lot like S&D without the bombsites. Each team's objective is to eliminate the opposing team, much like TDM, but when killed, a player is 'downed'. This state is where the player will be on the ground and bleed to death, unless a teammate comes over and revives him. If all the players on one team are eliminated, then the opposing team wins the round and gets points.

If you're looking for something to spice up Multiplayer gameplay, then download WarZone by SevenSniff now!

- djheps

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Download 'warzone.zip' (24KB)

// Warzone Gametype \
//     By Seven     \

Legal Stuff:
This File is Copyright of Seven
A.K.A. SevenSniff.
If you wish to edit or add this
Gametype to your Mod Please
Ask first Before editing.

If the text below the compass is
removed without my consent I have
the right to have the gametype
removed from your server!

If it interferes with your mod
please contact me about it and
i will make an arrangement.

This Gametype is based of the Warzone
Gametype from Gears of War(Xbox 360 Game)

About this Gametype:
Warzone is a team-based competitive
multiplayer game mode where you
eliminate all opposing team members
to win. Each round has a time limit.
If neither team can eliminate the other
before time runs out, the round is a
draw and no round score is given.

In this gametype Players will play a
round based gametype, but with a twist.
In Warzone, you will play like Search
& Destroy with no bomb sites, But!
when u shoot a player down to 0 health,
he will be "Downed"

This leaves the player down on the ground
bleeding to death, You can either leave
The player to bleed, or u can execute him
by shooting him again while he's down.

If the player that is "Downed" is on your
team u have the ability to revive him and
he can continue to fight again.

If you leave the player to bleed they have
a set time of how long they have until
they bleed to death (Changeable by Cvar
Default = 20 seconds.)

Players gain points for "Downing" a player
And for killing them, you will also gain a
point for reviving your team mate.

setting up the gametype:

Here are the Cvar's available for configuring
the Warzone Gametype

// Default Settings
set scr_wrz_bleed_time "20"
set scr_wrz_timelimit "0"
set scr_wrz_scorelimit "10"
set scr_wrz_roundlimit "0"
set scr_wrz_roundlength "4"
set scr_wrz_graceperiod "15"

Installation / Removal:
Simply place the warzone.iwd in your
main for fs_game folder to install.

Remove the warzone.iwd from your
main or fs_game folder to remove.

Credits for help:

MegaDeth #Exisle.css
Allan The King

For your info:
This Gametype will not work with Bots.
This is Version 1.0 so bugs are bound
to appear. any bugs found please contact
me via xfire: SevenSniff.

This Gametype has not be tested
with other mods and will most
likely not work.

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