WCP Allied Pain/Pistol-Drawing Animations

Here's an awesome mini-mod for single-player by WiCoPP, which I think was meant to be packaged with his WCP CoD2 Reality (V...


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Here's an awesome mini-mod for single-player by WiCoPP, which I think was meant to be packaged with his WCP CoD2 Reality (V2.3) mod released yesterday. No matter! It's still just as good like this. ;) Anyway, I'm sure anyone who has played the CoD2 single-player campaigns has noticed how injured German soldiers shoot their pistols at you while lying on the ground. Well, now your Allies can do the same! It really adds a new aspect to the game to see your own buddies lying next to you, fighting to the death in much the same way as the Germans did before. Furthermore, the mod gives your Allies pistol-drawing abilities, so you'll finally get to see those Allied pistols in action! ;) Anyway, check out the screenshots below to see all this cool stuff in action, and download this mod now to go along with your WCP CoD2 Reality! :thumbsup:

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Download 'wcp_pain.zip' (66KB)

-WCP Pain & Pistol drawing Animations enabled for Allies-


Extract the file Z_WCP_Pain.iwd to your Call of Duty 2/main folder.


Delete Z_WCP_Pain.iwd from your Call of duty 2/main folder.

Just start a new(already finished)mission/game...

This mod enables the german pain & pistol drawing animations for your Allies.
Pistol drawing animations means that the AI will occasionally drop their weapon and use their sidearm.
This mod will also be added to my WCP mod* but for now it is available seperately.You can place it in your main folder next to my WCP mod,no problem!

*Grrr modding makes me go mad sometimes!Tried to make this work before I posted my version 2.3 mod.Posted my mod and the next day I find out how this works...lol.There was an issue that if animations enabled for allies the germans wouldnt use it anymore,but as you can see in the screenshots,all AI has the crawl and pistol dying animations functioning properly!

I do not take responsibility for crashes occuring during the usage of the console and its wide range of commands.This is at your own risk,as is in runnning it in the original game.

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