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Click here to download high-resolution skins for use with WCP CoD2 Reality (V2.6). ***PATCH UPDATE*** Click here to download V2 of the WCP CoD2 Reality V2.6 patch. ***PATCH UPDATE***

WiCoPP has done it again! And just when you thought he couldn't possibly add more to his already all-inclusive CoD2 single-player realism mod. :) This version features all sorts of new things with the emphasis being on the new skins from Ferran and Rapsodia, as well as a wide array of new blood effects made possible by the Merciless team and B@stard. Among other things, there are also new sounds from the SPR and BoB sound mods by Achilles, more aggressive AI soldiers, and much, much more! ;) Just scroll down to see the ReadMe for a look into all the details, check out the screenshots of all the included new skins, and download this sweet new version of WiCoPP's CoD2 Reality! :thumbsup:




Remove all previous versions of the WCP mod from your folders!
This mod most likely does not function properly along side other(SP)mods!

--WCP V2.6.--
Version 2.6 will be released as a full version alone.
To use separate mods of this bigger mod download my WCP_ModPack(Based on version 2.4 alone,for now).
*2.1_to_2.6 Patch info at bottom of this readme file.

Contact:[email protected]

Having trouble running the game properly,go here for advise:


Remove all previous versions of the WCP mod from your folders!
This mod most likely does not function properly along side other(SP)mods!
Do not edit the names of the WCP.iwd files,changing the names may cause errors.If you still wish to change the names,they function in alfabetic order.

Extract the files  WCP2.6.iwd and other WCP.iwd files you desire to your Call of Duty 2/main folder.
The file WCPsounds.iwd is a non-essential soundpack and is Not needed to run the mod.It simply is a compilation of my favorite weapon sounds.


Delete the WCP .iwd files from your Call of duty 2/main folder.

-Alternate way of installing mods(Advanced):

Create a new folder in your activision/call of duty 2 folder,name it say WCP2 or mymod.
You will have 4 folders in your CoD2 folder after that:Main,Docs,Miles and WCP2 or mymod(If your game has been patched,5 folders,including a folder named pb(punkbuster)).
Extract the .iwd mod files into the new folder(WCP2 or mymod,that is).
Enter the Main folder and copy the Players folder.
Paste the Players folder into the new folder.
Create a new shortcut to your CoD2 single player.
Go to its properties,right-click on shortcut,bottom phrase.
In the target section you will see:drivefolders\CoD2SP_s.exe.
Behind .exe you must paste this:
 +set fs_game WCP2
 +set fs_game mymod
!Dont forget the spaces in between.Just copy on of the exact phrases as seen above and you should be ok!
Run the game through this new shortcut and the SP game will run on the mod.

-Uninstalling the Advanced mod install is simple:Remove the folder and shortcut...

Just start a new(already finished)mission/game...

*V2.6 Changes:

-New skins by Ferran,my main man,couldnt have done it without you!
-New skins by Rapsodia,thanks bro!
-Note:By turning off blood in the game`s menu Options/Game Options/Show Blood,all gore is also turned off,no singlee blood drop will be visible.
So parental control is still available.
Blood tweaked to even more realistic settings and replaced old Soldier of Fortune II textures with the beautiful F.E.A.R. blood textures.
Upon delivering a descent chestshot:Blood spitting.
Upon a descent bellyshot:Blood spitting and vomiting.
Upon a descent neckshot:Blood squirting up from the neck.
Blood pools will appear under corpses.
Wounded guys bleeding empty when dying.
Random head popping on headshots.
Random body explosions or head pops on close range explosions.
For more distant range deadly explosion damage,blood fx have been enabled,too(simple blood drops).
Lots of these events happen randomly,so you wont constantly see heads and bodies blowing up.
With it happening randomly it is for more exciting than it happening every time you achieve a headshot.
That would decrease realism but no worries,there`s still plenty of gore to go around.
This has al been made possible by the Merciless crew and especially I thank B@stard for his permission,you the man!
-Some special effects and images added from the SuperMario FX mod,thank you Mario!
-A variety of sounds added from the SPR and BoB sound mod made by Achilles,thank you Achilles!
-Added the LTSpeirs v.4 ai accuracy files for better and more aggressive aiming AI,thank you Speirs!
-Increased more diversity in axis/allied weapon usage.
Grenade weapon setup:
Americans:MII frag,Stungrenade,Sticky bomb.
British:MKI British frag,Stungrenade and now added the Sticky bomb to their gear.
Russians:RGD-33 russian frag,Stungrenade and now added the Sticky bomb to their gear.
And if you`re lucky,a throwable projectile of a Panzerschreck using character.
Increased random usage of GP1935 and other pistols(Luger,Webley and GP1935 used by the armies involved,British/German).
-Rollback on weapons names,because you guys nag so much about it ;)
-Increased damage done by thrown sticky bomb and thrown mortar.
-Decreased damage done by stun grenade and stielhandgranate,as they are assault grenades,their stun/kill ratio has been adjusted.
-Reworked all of the other explosive devises,weapons and turrets to benefit the Merciless blood effects.
-Created random usage of troops in different levels:
Flak guns,mortar crews and and flak4ling crews have a personal uniform.
Any Normandy level that contains Tiger tanks is now a "you will be fighting the Waffen SS" level.What that means?
That I have alternated levels by changing the names wehr and german into the names waffen,waff,flakop and flak about 2500 times manually,it gave me a serious headache...However the result is great.
For example:You assault the Duhoc cliffs,you encounter(still as in original game)Wehrmacht but at the duhoc defend level the German counter attack is done by Waffen SS infantry supported by the tanks.
So same goes for all Normandy levels with german tanks in them-->Waffen SS,no Wehrmacht.
The regular Wehrmacht wears the GrossDeutschland uniform,it is known that they didnt really fight in Normandy on D-Day but the uniform is so well made that I wanted it present in the mod.However the regular m-36 uniform can also be seen,amongst flak/mortar personell.
-More AI in certain levels.
-Totally fixed and cleaned ai files,randomizing as many heads,helmets and uniforms as possible.
-Removed the STG44 from the winter levels.
-Removed the G43 from the Africa and Russian levels(separate file available to restore the weapon back to the levels).
Winter Germans now use the SVT40.
-The bolt action and bolt action sniper rifles now automatically un-zoom and zoom-in on rechambering after firing a shot.
-Increased movement speed a little bit.

-About the separate WCP mod files(Note:These are to be used together with the WCP2.6 mod alone!):
-WCP2.6_PPShRemove.iwd:Put this in your folder along side your WCP2.6.iwd to remove the winter germans using the PPSh.
-WCP2.6_G43Restore.iwd:Put this in your folder along side your WCP2.6.iwd to restore the Gewehr43 back to the Afrika Korps and Winter Germans.
-WCP2.6_Tom30.iwd:Put this in your folder along side your WCP2.6.iwd to have a 30 round thompson in all levels(Afrika and Normandy).
Without it you will have a 20 round version in Afrika and a 30 round version in Normandy.
-WCP2.6_Silo101.iwd:Specially for you Airborne freaks out there.I wished there to be a few levels with Airborne troops in the game,therefore I have decided to make an extra "Silo" level add-on(the one and only)101st Airborne vs Wehrmacht(Ferrans`excellent 101st skins),put this file in your folder and start the Silo level to see some Airborne action.

-About the non-essential soundpack(Also usable without the mod):
It simply is a compilation of my favorite weapon sounds,some from other mods/games,some I have edited,some are original.So I do Not credit myself for these!I Do credit myself for a few sounds,which I have taken and edited myself from the Band of Brothers series:MG42,.30Cal,M1Carbine and Tommy.New sounds created by Achilles from the SPR and BoB sound mods.

-About the non-essential Hi-Res pack(Note:Usable with the WCP2.6 mod alone!):
Available as a separate download at www.CoDFiles.com,a hi-res version of many of the skins used by the WCP2.6 version.
For all you hi-res freaks out there.You have thank Rapsodia and Ferran for this one,guys.

-I have also added a Colored Smokegrenade file and a No Music file,by request.
Colored Smoke:-|GA|- Dale.
No Music:Gunnar.

-This mod does not contain any custom weapon and vehicle skins for the original weapons.
You can use your personal skins without a problem.

Known bugs and errors:
-Enabling the error log will give you errors(LOL),so do not enable the error log while playing this mod.
-In the very first level of the game a prisoner is interrogated and after you leave the room is shot .
If you go back to view the body you will see that he has not fallen to the ground but has taken the static model pose.
Nothing really bad,it wont crash the game and I have tried to fix this and will keep trying.
-In some levels,especially the Duhoc Assault level,the gore effects do not want to function a 100%.
This rarely happens in other levels but I think it has to do with simply too much going on at the same time. 
The thing that happens is that a guy blowing up does disappear but the effect doesnt follow.
I still think that if you dont have a super pci-xpress sli pc,you should run @ DX7.
The game simply Runs best @DX7 and Looks best @DX9.
-Final testing:Finished the game @regular and @veteran mode before releasing this mod,running and winning the game is still possible.

-You guys please keep reporting errors if you find any,even after finding more after this version has been released!

Remove all previous versions of the WCP mod from your folders!
This mod most likely does not function properly along side other(SP)mods!

See you @ version 2.7(Maybe).

*V2.5 Changes:

-First of all,thanks to German Front Mod`s Gamalucker for letting me in on some really good stuff,a BIG Thanks!
Check out the beautiful German Front Mod:

-Done more blood tweaking,tried to make the blood fx as compact as possible for a more realistic feel.
Edited and imported 1 dust and 8 blood textures,taken from Call of Duty,FarCry and Soldier of Fortune II.
For some really interesting blood coming to CoD2 check out The cool gory Merciless Mod:

-Found the real mortar round models and changed the rocket throwing into mortar throwing.
It`s only present as a starting grenade weapon in the level where you are defending Hill 400 against the german counter attack.Four rounds,then its done.
I also changed the mortar skin from rusted brown into a dark blue-ish green item and dont worry or complain,the throwable projectile also is still ingame.
And yes I know the holding animations suck a little but no official modding tools = no correct animation(yet).
-Decreased the volume of the 90 pain/death sounds I added,they were a bit loud.
-Added the M39 german frag grenade(a black painted german grenade that looks a bit like the allied frag nades),it uses its own skin.The model is not a 100% historically accurate but it does the job.
-Added a new pistol for the Germans and British,the Browning 9mm,13 round clip semi automatic pistol.
-It also uses its own skin.The model is not a 100% historically accurate but it does the job.
It was used by the germans and British and some other nations.It uses the Colt45 model because it looks a lot like it but it has its own skin.You can find it amongst German officers and medics and British bren gunners.
-Added a throwable sticky bomb.
-The allied stun grenade now also uses its own model and skin.
-The germans no longer drop grenade bags as ammo pick ups but just a single grenade...which adds to chaos,turning off your grenade warning icon will certainly do that...about every third person killed will drop a single grenade.Depending on what grenade has been subscribed to the character,that grenade will be the ammo pickup item.The allied soldiers will also drop a single grenade when killed. 
-The (allied)pain animations have been fixed and are fully functional!
There was an issue that allied soldiers would not drop their primary weapons properly which made it unable to pick up their weapon or ammo,this has been fixed.
Any soldier,American,British,German or Russian will drop and crawl,maybe pull out a pistol at his enemy and about every third person killed(allied and/or german) will drop a single grenade.

Nades used by characters and which are pickup-able,depening on the campaign,offcourse:

-Americans:MII frag,Stungrenade,Sticky bomb.
-British:MKI frag,Stungrenade.
-Russians:Rgd-33 frag,Stungrenade.                                           
And if you`re lucky,a throwable projectile of a Panzerschreck using character.

-New German characters and helmets along side the original ones,created by Antares and Ferran.Thanks guys!
-Removed cooktime on the smoke nades.On detonation it kills you,which is unrealistic,it will give you burns but it wouldnt blow you up.
-Some more minor changes to the weapons:names,tweaks,etc.
-Some more minor tweaks to the loadout files,starting weapons,etc.
-Changed fusetime(& cooktime)of Stielhandgranate,M39 german frag and russian frag.All have been set to 4 seconds on base of new info.
-Fixed the bug in which you were able to pick up 20-round thompsons in the US levels while using a 30-round one,all in US levels are 30-round ones now.
-The MG42 and .30Cal now also eject shells.
-Created a german rifle platoon system in which the germans are more like infantry rifle platoons.
At least two guys with an MP40,one guy with an STG44 and six rifleman are present in the field.They randomly use different grenades and uniforms.
-Introduced the STG44 to the German winter troops,as the weapon was present on the Russian Front.
-I  have tracked down the Silo map bug in which your friends do not respawn.
I believe to have fixed this error.In a script called "_drones" there was an entry to give the drones names,names I offcourse have removed a long time ago,from most of the full action parts of the game,that is.I have played the level several times,in different difficulty settings and taking different routes towards certain objectives.I have not lost my friends again.
-Added the accuracy files and a sound script file from the Lt.Speirs realism mod to improve A.I. vs A.I. accuracy and to improve volumes on certain sound effects.
Thank you Lt.Speirs!
-Barrel damage and damage radius have been increased.
-Some more technical stuff but I got too lost in the scripting maze I cant spell out the details...

*V2.4 Changes:

-Also removed vehicle names.
-Toned down the mg tracers(smaller and lesser,version3).
-Added pain animations for Allied forces(not a 100% perfect but fully functional).
-Given the hand weapons a bit more different names.
-Created an allied concussion grenade using one smoke grenade model,its used by allied soldiers using an smg(close combat loadout).It does lesser damage than frag grenades but certainly has the potential to hurt and kill.
-Fixed a bug that made it possible to have more than 4 grenades in your inventory while having 4(max) or less throwable rockets.Max has been fixed to be 4,as in the original game.

*V2.3 Changes:

-Weapons have a bit more sway.-THX Tally Ho!
-Added Antare`s Waffen SS skins.-THX Antares!!!
-The default Wehrmacht officer has been replaced by the SS camo skin and therefore you will encounter an camo SS officer.
-Added about 90 more pain/death sounds.
-Tweaked the blood a little more.
-Removed the tracer on all handarms and created a heavy mg tracer that has sparking impact effects.
-Created a random NCO amongst the Normandy/Winter Germans using an smg(resulting in more officers).
-AfricaKorp and Normandy fat guys a bit decreased(note:this is randomly so you might still encounter them in large numbers,on occasion).
-Same goes for German winter guys using the ppsh,decreased.
-Smoke grenade is now also cookable(5 seconds),only issue is that it kills you when it goes off in your hand,you should get injured a bit but not killed so...
-New weapon,lol:Seen the movie Saving Private Ryan?You now start on the US "defend levels" with rocket projectiles usable as grenades.Just toss and duck cause these explode on impact,given to you for some tight fragging events!You got 4 of these babies so use them well because once they`re finished you wont get new ones.

*V2.2 Changes:

-Blood Mod created by b@STARd added(Lighter version).-THX!!!
-smoke nade error in first level fixed.-THX Veteran Gamer,Oldschool.
-thompson latewar(30rnds)damage corrected.-THX Oddball_E8.
-Player movement sounds,etc fixed.-THX snowcrashed54. 
-Rocket explosion sounds have been set to have different explosion sounds instead of the 3 default ones.
Note:The explosion sounds are the same as the nade sounds,the default were also the same.

-V2.1 Changes:

-AI:Allies and Germans have been tweaked.More accurate,faster aiming friends and foes.Your friends will fight and die as easy as your foes.
-Friendly fire has been disabled for when you shoot a friendly,so the game will continue when you accidentaly shoot or frag a friend.If you shoot an Officer or any other person who the game needs to give you info,the game will end as normal.
-Taking out an enemy Officer in wartime usually is a great price and a useful advantage to you.Not that it gives you an advantage in this game but it might give you a good feeling knowing you took out an enemy Officer.That said,you can now spot the winter Wehrmacht Officers,because they have their officers caps on.
-Greasegun was not?inserted into single player,the tommy guys in your US outfit will use a Tommy or Greaser at random choice.You can pick it up and use it!(No,I have not inserted the Shotgun into SP because it doesnt really function properly in SP(yet?)).
-Grenades have their own surface explosion sounds,26 explosion sounds instead of the 4 default ones.
-Loadout in levels(weapon you start with)slightly tweaked.
-Names of Allies have been removed,adds to chaos and improves view of the battlefield.Names still show up now and then but not in the full action moments,usually the scripted events.
-Weapons:Weapons have been tweaked,in case of strength and ammo ammounts.
Again,bolt action rifles which have a full clip reload animation only!,are not partial reloadable.The Enfield has 10 rounds in two clips,so after 5 shots you can insert one more clip.
Frag grenades are cookable,russian nade timer,3.5 seconds(real),UK and US nades 5 seconds(real),german nade 5.5 seconds(unreal,should be 6,thats tooo slow).Also when you throw a nade and it hits an allied/german soldier,he will react in pain,because its like getting hit by say a weight similar to a stone of that size.
-It is a historic fact that the Wehrmacht forces loved and commonly used the PPSH smg in Russia.The Wehrmacht MP40 soldiers will use an MP40 or a PPSH at random choice.


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