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Here's a huge update to WiCoPP's WCP CoD2 Reality V2.8 (this update makes it V2.9). You're going to need to pick up a copy of V2.8 [file="7...


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Here's a huge update to WiCoPP's WCP CoD2 Reality V2.8 (this update makes it V2.9). You're going to need to pick up a copy of V2.8 here before you get this one, so make sure you do that. :) When you got that figured out, check out the ReadMe for this update below, and download the latest WCP CoD2 Reality patch today!


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Download 'wcp2.89_update.zip' (240.61MB)

This is an UpDate,it requires version 2.8 to run properly!
This mod most likely does not function properly along side other(SP)mods!
Do not edit the names of the WCP.iwd files,changing the names may cause errors.If you still wish to change the names,they function in alfabetic order.

Just start a new(already finished)mission/game...

Patch info at bottom of this readme file.


Having trouble running the game properly,go here for advise:

*Fixes and final changes:
-More blood and gore tweaks.Reworked weapon damage concerning melee attacks,no blood pools and squirts when a character is beaten on any other location than the head,a head would possibly crack open and create a pool but you would have to be hitting an awful lot to get say a mans chest or upper leg to create a blood pool from a beating.
Fatal shootings to limbs do create a bloodpool on a descent location(elbows/knees).
Added a nice droplet splash effect on fatal head shots and (random)other deadly shots.
Chunks and limbs no longer slowly shrink away but act as normal temporary models.
-Duhoc Assault level:
*The"guy entering the bunker blows up for no reason"issue:hard to fix but easy to "pimp",added explosion effect and scream "grenade!" ahead of explosion.If blood is turned Off in the Game Options Menu,the event will also run as normal.
*Germans on top of the cliff do not blow up because of handarms fire anymore.
-Cars blow up too easy issue:sorry forgot to add rollbacks,cars and trucks(and the truck you ride shotgun in the prisoners of war level)dont blowup because of handsarms fire anymore(game default).
-Some more grenade tweaking,some minor damage changes and made the US,British and Stungrenade non-cookable(game default) with a 3 second! fuse.I decided to this animation-wise.
The US,British and Stungrenade have a safety clip,as long as you have pulled the pin but not release your grip on the clip(pullback),it cant go off,when you throw(release grenade button)the clip releases and fusetime countdown only starts at that moment.
The other grenades have pull cords:Stielgranate,Russian RDG-33,Eigranate.
The sticky bomb has a fuse like a firecracker and the throwable mortar and projectile explode on impact.There`s also a toggable option in the Combat Menu:Premature Sticky bombs,There`s a relative small change you can pick up a faulty sticky bomb from a friend,it will most likely kill you.
Had an auto save where you already picked up the faulty sticky?Throw it again and duck behind something,you have 1/2 a second to make it and if you do it right,you can easily survive.
Throwable Mortars and Projectiles have it the other way around,they have duds,some do not explode on impact and just seem to ly there for you to pick up,so be careful.
These are the most realistic settings for the grenades and adds more war chaos in the gameplay.
-More repairs on the Russian heads:Still found some head models not corresponding with the body.
-Added a short shellshock on grenade and projectile explosion damage(1.5 seconds)to increase chaos(toggable menu option).
-Fixed error in the very first level(Moscow),the prisoner does not take the default pose after getting executed but does the proper death animation.
-Added new option in WCP Combat Options menu:Select your Secondary weapon.
You can choose from a variety of weapons.
-The Silo level Add-on with Airborne vs Luftwaffe:Added Player Airborne Sleeves,thanks Ferran.
Two options added that were noticed by me set in the Speirs mod:
-Russian Campaign:Dramatically decreased start and ammo pickup ammounts of Russian weapons.
Dramatically increased AI usage of the bolt action rifles,thus decreasing their usage of all other Russian Campaign weapons(Also goes for Russian AI using an enemy weapon,mp40-kar98k).
-Decreased the usage of Panzerschreck by the german forces a bit,if turned On in the WCP SP Combat Options at all.
-Added new option in WCP Combat Options menu:Refill Ammo @ Next Level.
-With this option set to Off you will load to the next level with the ammo you have from the previous level.No extra ammo is added.Only the smoke grenades are excluded,you will always start with 4 smokes.
-Recolered the GP1935 a little bit.
-Added a Winter Camoflage Panzerschreck and reworked the Summer Camoflage Panzerschreck.
-Added many more "hidden but present" Axis skins.
-Reworked 11 levels to increase uniform/unit reality.From coastal defenders to elite ss troops.
-Vehicles do not blow up from a few bullets anymore.
-Removed crappy pin-pull animation from the throwable mortar/projectile,you will here a melee sound instead knowing you pounded it to activate the projectile.
-Added an option in the menu to spawn with colored smoke grenades(4):Blue/Green/Orange/Red.
-Created a M39 german grenade box pickup(4),reintroduced the Stielhandgranate bag(3) also,nco`s carry those items.
-Added the MP41 as an option in the menu to let the Elite SS troops use an MP41 instead of an MP40.
-Added a few items from SuperMario`s Effects v2.0,His better looking blood pools,Beautiful Panzerschreck fire effect and tracer impacts,etc.Thanks Mario for your excellent work!
-Many more fixes and improvements,dont forget to read the menu options read me file!

-Added a seperate file to increase aim realism,WCP2.89_LessZoom.iwd.
-When used,this sets the sniper scopes to zoom more like their real counterparts and decreases the heavy zoom on the large weapons(Rifles,LMG`s).Now all unscoped weapons have an equal amount of zoom,same like the SMG`s.
This is how I play,try it,you might like it.

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