WCP CoD2 Reality V2.6 Fixes

Here's a miniature 'patch' for the recently released WCP CoD2 Reality single-player realism mod. The mod was a...


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Here's a miniature 'patch' for the recently released WCP CoD2 Reality single-player realism mod. The mod was a smashing success, as expected, which led to this quick follow-up that includes minor bug fixes pointed out by the many WCP players. There's a pretty good number of corrections made, considering that this patch is only about 150 KB, so if you've already got V2.6 of the mod, make sure pick up V1 of the patch here! ;)


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Download 'wcp2.6fixesv1.zip' (147KB)

Hey people,

Sorry I forgot to add a file for the 30 round thompson.
I have fixed this now,all africa British soldiers have a 30 round thompson so you can now pick up their ammo to fill your own tommy gun. 

Also I have corrected a few other errors,two bogus files are present in WCP2.6.

-A faulty ranger insignia texture file is making the Ranger helmet symbols green.
Replaced this with the game`s default texture so all is normal again.

-I forgot to remove a personal used head texture(german fat guy without mustache)made by Aeneas2020.
On inspection of the file I discovered the file was saved in a wrong format.
To prevent errors I have saved it in the correct format and added it to this fix.

Thank you Aeneas2020 for creating this no-mustache guy,my apologies for not asking first but I forgot the file was in there.

-I screwed up with the hooded germans(snipers,winter).They are using a head that really doesnt fit the body,corrected this so they have the head that fits(the one and only head,I`m afraid).

-The impact of the tracers along side of you have been corrected,there`s no more"whole"tracers lying on the ground next to you.Only big round sparks,other"intact"tracers still bounce out of sight.

For WCP2.6 only.

You know what to do with this file,if not:


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