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Here's a cool collection of the mini-mods that make up WiCoPP's acclaimed WCP CoD2 Reality mod. This is nice for those of you who wish to customize which pieces of the full mod you want in your single-player game, and there's quite a selection for you! All parts are compatible with or without each of the others, so pick and choose as you wish. ;) Read the full list below of what's available to you in this pack, check out the screenshots, and get yourself some great CoD2SP mini-mods today! :thumbsup:

  • Allied Pain: Allies have pain animations similar to the Germans'
  • Allow Friendly Kill: shooting an Ally no longer ends the game
  • Blood (version 3, tweaked and toned down): originally created by B@stard
  • German Pain Sounds: Germans now have about 90 new pain and death sounds
  • German PPSh: Germans in Russian levels will occasionally use a PPSh instead of an MP40
  • No Fat Guys
  • No Names: Allied friends and vehicles no longer have names above them
  • SP Grease Gun: enjoy the Grease Gun in SP -- find it among killed American comrades
  • Throwable Rockets: use rocket projectiles as grenades (as in Saving Private Ryan), which explode on impact
  • Tracer (version 3, tweaked and toned down): all tracers removed except for heavy machine guns
  • WCP Sounds: non-essential weapon soundpack
  • Weapon and Damage Mod: tweaked weapon functioning
  • Winter Officer: German soldier with officer cap in winter


--WCP ModPackV2.1--
A collection of mods partially defining the WCP mod,usable as separate mods or as an all together partial WCP mod.


Extract the Mod .iwd files you desire to your Call of Duty 2/main folder.


Delete the Mod .iwd files from your Call of duty 2/main folder.

-Alternate way of installing mods(Advanced):

Create a new folder in your activision/call of duty 2 folder,name it say WCP2 or mymods.
You will have 4 folders in your CoD2 folder after that:Main,Docs,Miles and WCP2 or mymods.
Extract the .iwd mod files into the new folder.
Enter the Main folder and copy the Players folder.
Paste the Players folder into the new folder.
Create a new shortcut to your CoD2 single player.
Go to its properties,right-click on shortcut,bottom phrase.
In the target section you will see:drivefolders\CoD2SP_s.exe.
Behind .exe you must paste this:
 +set fs_game WCP2 or  +set fs_game mymods
!Dont forget the space between .exe,+ set,fs_game,WCP2/mymods.Just copy the exact phrase seen here above and you should be ok!
Run the game through this new shortcut and the SP game will run on the mod alone.

-Uninstalling the Advanced mod install is simple:Remove the folder and shortcut...

Just start a new(already finished)mission/game...

Contents of this pack:

-AlliedPain:Allies now have nearly perfect pain animations,same as the germans.
-AllowFriendlyKill:If you accidentally shoot a friend in the heat of combat,you wont have to worry about the level ending anymore.Note:Shooting a messenger,officer or captured enemy in the game might still end the level!
-Blood(version3,tweaked and toned down):The blood mod originally created by B@stard.
-GermanPainSounds:The Axis now have more pain and death sounds added to them(about 90 sounds extra).
-GermanPPSh:The germans in the Russian levels will occasionally use a PPSh instead of an MP40.
-NoFatGuys:The name says it all...
-NoNames:Your allied friends and vehicles have no names above them,blocking your view and decreasing reality.Some names still occur,in scripted moments,like the boatride to Duhoc...
-SpGreasegun:Enjoy the Greasegun in SP,find it amongst your killed American comrades.
-ThrowableRockets:The little funmod I created,you can use rocket projectiles as grenades(as in the movie Saving Private Ryan),they explode on impact.You have 4 to start with in almost each level.
-Tracer(version3,tweaked and toned down):All tracers have been removed and only the heavy mg`s have tracers;.30Cal,MG42,etc.
-WCPsounds:A non-essential weapon soundpack I use playing CoD2(Simply some of my favorite sounds).
-Weapon&DamageMod:The way I have made the weapons function to my likings,maybe you like m like this,too!
-WinterOfficer:You can tell the winter officer from his men due to the wearing of an officers cap.

Thats all for now,folks!

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