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Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Screenshots

New screenshots for Call of Duty 4 have just been released. Check 'em out here!


Call of Duty 2 CoD3 Full Preview from on All Next-Gen Consoles!, a place I didn't know existed until today, has put up a great "hands-on" preview of the upcoming Call of Duty 3 on next-gen consoles. Click here to see their article, which includes sections for each version of the game to be released (with the exception of the Xbox): PlayStation 3...


Call of Duty 2 CoD2 MP - 280 Screenshots and 2 Videos!

Our partner,, has recently released a huge pack of new CoD2 MP screenshots and videos they took, so if you haven't got the game yet, check out the following links now! Screenshot Pack Beltot, France (Video) Brecourt, France (Video)


Call of Duty 2 CoD-Infobase Hosts Tons of New CoD2 Screenshots + Videos

Like the header states, our partner Call of Duty Infobase has recently been hosting loads and loads of new CoD2 screenshots and videos taken directly by players like you. ;) Just check out their main news page -- -- and their news archive to see anything you may have mis...


Call of Duty 2 2 New CoD2: BRO Videos + 6 New Screenshots!

GameSpot has got some crazy new videos and screenshots from CoD2: Big Red One (console), so be sure to visit this link and download them now! :thumbsup: In my opinion, these are some of the most realistic looking, action-packed war game videos I've seen yet. They make me want to buy a console ju...


Call of Duty 2 New Call of Duty 2 Video - British/Russian Action!

Call of Duty Infobase has posted a new CoD2 video from GameSpot, which feature some INSANELY realistic British and Russian single-player action. Trust me, you do NOT want to pass up this video, so head on over here, and download this crazy video now! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Call of Duty 2 New Call of Duty 2 Preview + TONS of Screenshots!

The big part of this news post is exclusive, so let's cut to the chase. ;) Click here to see their latest preview of CoD2, along with a slew of new screenshots thrown into the mix! Also for you to see: Six screenshots from Call of Duty Infobase below. Enjoy! :D


Call of Duty 2 New Call of Duty 2 Video Interview - Grant Collier and Vince Zampella

There's yet another great video interview out, this time with Infinity Ward's Grant Collier and Vince Zampella. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to upload it here myself, but it's no problem. Just head on over here (courtesy Call of Duty Infobase) to download it now. ;)


Call of Duty 2 New CoD2 Video Interview + Tons of Screenshots + CoD2: BRO Screenies

I'm really very sorry I have to be so vague about this and also that I can't actually post the video or screenshots on CoDFiles, but that's just the way IGN is about their content: Regardless of the fact that they watermark the heck out of everything, we're still told not to post it on our own sites...


Call of Duty 2 New Call of Duty 2 Video!

From comes a new video for the community! Check out the screenshots taken from the video below, and visit the CoD2 Media section to download it now! ;)


Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One - 4 New Screenshots!

Call of Duty Infobase has snagged more cool CoD2: Big Red One screenshots for us! Check out all four below, and leave your comments on what you think of the lower-end console version of our beloved sequel. :)


Call of Duty 2 New Call of Duty 2 Video - Pointe du Hoc Single-Player Mission!

There's an awesome new video over at GamersHell (go here:, but be warned! It'll probably completely ruin the Pointe du Hoc mission experience for you! :P I watched about 10 seconds in the beginning but then quickly turned it off for this reason. Anyway,...


Call of Duty 2 Major Call of Duty 2 Update - Only in Xbox Magazine!

Sorry that I'm not able to actually post the update here, but we do have some news at least! Here's what one of the CoDFiles fans submitted: My new issue of Xbox Magazine just arrived and with it a big ol' Call of Duty 2 update. Lots of new screenshots, including the first ever of multi-player a...


Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One - 6 Humongous Screenshots! (2040x1536)

Call of Duty Infobase's latest collection of screenshots from CoD2: Big Red One are too big to be hosted here on FN, so click here to check them out at the source! Trust me, they're worth a look. ;)


Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 2 Preview

Infinity Ward’s focus clearly lies with the single-player campaign. Picking up the emotionally charged regalia of the original, Call of Duty’s gritty wartime drama takes the form of four interwoven character-driven narratives, split between three allied campaigns – British, Russian and America...


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