Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare arms players with an arsenal of advanced and powerful modern day firepower and transports them to the most treacherous hotspots around the globe to take on a rogue enemy...

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare v1.1 Patch 9.73MB 75
P0intBl4nk's ACOG and Red Dot Scopes 316KB 174
LeoSweden's M90 AK47 124KB 44
Broken Road 29.23MB 146
MORKEye CoD Language & Racism Violation Tool 730KB 94
Tolbert Winter 66.05MB 155
CoD:WaW: Lolzor 7.47MB 128
CoD:WaW: comMod 562KB 158
PeZBOT 1.54MB 2,680
ToB Winter Square 33.98MB 131
ToB Base 32.97MB 122
Tolbert 65.91MB 105
CoD: WaW Bolt Rifles Only Mod 513KB 910
Frontlines War Server 5.98MB 461
UltraStats 14.16MB 193
CoD:WaW: War With Women 126KB 310
CoDWaW Zombie Wars 2.59MB 908
CoDWaW Zombie Gun Mod 12.26MB 1,921
Dylan's MP RealWar Realism Mod 2.27MB 305
CoDWaW Bolt Rifles Only Mod 373KB 568
Rooftops 34.35MB 228
Rooftops 33.4MB 99
CoD:WaW: 2k's Singleplayer Mini Mod 1.56MB 396
CoD:WaW: Ze Limper's Avatar Pack 896KB 211
CoD:WaW: Ze Limper's Map Overview 5.35MB 286
CoD:WaW: Ze Limper's High Resolution Carbine 430KB 76
CoD:WaW: Ze Limper's High Resolution Bar 419KB 101
CoD:WaW: Ze Limper's High Resolution Arisaka 480KB 113
CoD:WaW: Pistol Pack 15KB 252
Silenced M21 3KB 389
CoD WaW Beta Character Skins 14.72MB 190
CoD WaW Panoramic Shots Pack 1 8.08MB 451
Modded .50 Cal 3KB 432
Homefront: Downtown 74.33MB 2,858
TK's Hell On Earth 52.68MB 740
Improved MP5 10KB 334
Ultimate Desert Eagle Skin Pack 2.75MB 281
Phoenix's Blood Mod 6.3MB 673
Chechnyan Crisis 50.9MB 257
Chechnyan Crisis 51.4MB 370
Legion Forest 40.84MB 275
Convoy Assault Night 48.3MB 193
The Cypress Swamps 51.9MB 245
Cypress Swamp 52.01MB 66
Convoy Assault 49.31MB 548
Waffle Mod 14.11MB 1,343
Waffle Mod 14.11MB 116
Clown Zakhaev 458KB 107
Hunterm16a2's MP Camo Skin Pack 1.55MB 250
Call of Duty 4 Machinima Operation Death Zone 389.28MB 199