Admins Destroy CoD4Files -- Community Shocked!

By xXezekielXx 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is now no longer represented by FileFront and CoDFiles due to the careless mistake of a super admin. We at CoDFiles (Nightmare, Cheeseman, and xXezekielXx) are still unsure of how it happened, and in fact we still haven't received a response from the admins concerning the accidental disconnection of the CoD4Files database. A side effect of this problem is our inability to post content to CoD4Files. All files that were submitted to CoD4Files through our file submission form and any submitted in the future will be stuck in gridlock by our confused content management system, which for some reason still halfway believes that a CoD4Files database exists. We at CoDFiles -- Nightmare, Cheeseman, and xXezekielXx -- hereby apologize on behalf of our superiors for the following irresponsibility: (1) in managing a complex network of related databases and Web applications, (2) in working with staff who are directly involved with the destroyed content to better recover from the damage, and (3) in keeping the community well informed of the problems faced by this community-driven Web site and caused by our superiors themselves. Thanks for reading, and we appreciate your understanding. -xXezekielXx

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