Battle for Europe CoD4 Map Contest (Submit details)

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[URL="http://www.bfecod.com"][IMG]http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l179/evo5754/cod4header2.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Battle for Europe presents the $100 Cash Prize Map Contest! If you've made a CoD4 Map, or are currently making a CoD4 map, then go ahead and submit your CoD4 map to Battle for Europe to be in the chance of winning $100. It's simple, all you need to do is visit the Battle for Europe forums and create a new thread in the CoD4 Map Submission forum. Link to the CoD4 Map Submission forum: [url="http://bfecod.totalgamingnetwork.com/forumdisplay.php?f=113"]http://bfecod.totalgamingnetwork.com/forumdisplay.php?f=113[/url] [b]Note:[/b] The [b]FINAL[/b] date for Maps to be submitted is [b]May 1st 2008[/b] What kind of maps are BFE looking for? We are looking for large maps with various routes for strategic play. Something that can fit 14v14 and allow for different strategies to be used to conquer or win the round. Maps should have at least one of the following gametype:[list] [*]Search & Destory [*]Sabotage [*]Domination [*]Capture the Flag[/list] Maps should have the map .ff file and loadscreen .ff file as well as the map .iwd file all inside a folder zipped up and uploaded to a server. Can I submit 'beta' versions of maps if I run short of time and can't make the final deadline? Yes, as long as the 'beta' version of the map is playable. So the full details are as followed: [LIST] [*]The [B]FINAL[/B] due date is May 1st 2008 [*]Maps submitted should be able to be tested for BFE Play at the time of submission [*]All maps will be tested by the Map Council and Admins [*]Winning Map maker will win $100 (roughly £50) [*]It is [B]FREE[/B] to register for the contest, simply join the Battle for Europe forums and submit the completed map before the deadline! [/LIST] ~ Battle for Europe Staff [URL="http://www.bfecod.com"]www.bfecod.com[/URL]

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