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Intense firefights can bring even the most tough-skinned soldiers to the brink of exhaustion but why waste time on a pub server full of team-killers and hackers when you can Fight the Good Fight! At Battle for Europe:CoD, you can play CoD4 the way it was meant to be played, in a full server with teamwork and co-operation. Join Coalition or Opposition forces in epic 12 hour battles with up to 12 vs 12 players on various custom maps from some of the best CoD4 mappers around. The winner of each battle determines who controls various cities throughout our virtual Europe. Battle for Europe uses real military ranks, from various real to life, modern divisions. Get promotions and medals for showing skill, leadership, and courage in battles.

"12 hour battles? Wtf? I am not staying in a game that freakin' long!" - Well you don't have to! Just leave the server anytime you want to and come back in anytime you please. The time you spend at BFE is up to you, play as little or as often as you want. Unlike clans, ladders and leagues, there is no time commitment.

Battles are every Wednesday and Saturday from 4pm GMT (11am EST) for CoD4 and every Sunday from 6pm GMT (1pm EST) for CoD2. 3 different maps are played each battle, so if you don't like one map, you can always leave and come back for the next one!

How do you join BFE:COD? Simple, just go to and register. Click on "Enlist" to signup to one of the regiments. Registration for Campaign 20 will begin shortly, and battles will begin the following week.

Campaign 20 will feature the heroic 11th SAS Regiment led by General.RevveH do battle throughout Europe against the mighty 1st Semenovskiy Leib-Guard led by Marshall.Medic Will the Coalition free Europe from the Opposition hammer? Or will the Opposition dominate Europe once and for all? You decide.

"I'd say, BFE is a team based tournament based on realistic siding. A community of players where it doesn't matter if you're on one side or the other, everyone gets along. In summation; BFE is a Community of players competeing in a fun, fast paced, team based tournament for ultimate glory." - madlulz

The BFE Mod now features the working Mosin Nagant Bolt Rifle, as well as the ability to defuse Claymores & C4. There are also many other new features, so come check out the mod today!


If you have any questions feel free to ask.

We hope to see you in the battles soon!

~ Battle for Europe Staff

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