BFE Presents $100 Map Contest!

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Published by Northerner 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[img][/img] Battle for Europe is proud to announce the first official Cash Map Contest! Visit to become a part of the contest: [url=""][/url] Do you have a creative mind? Don't you wish BFE played a large map with buildings and roofs and tunnels? Don't you wish there were more custom maps? Are you a mapper? Wouldn't you like to win $100? If you answered YES to ANY of those questions then you SHOULD ENTER this competition, heck it'll be FUN too and for what it's worth all maps that do get submitted might end up in the BFE map list! So even if you don't win a cash prize, having your own map being played in BFE battles would be a blast too! [b][i]So what exactly is this map contest?[/i][/b] That's right! A map competition where players will create custom Call of Duty 4 maps, suitable for play in BFE. Each map will then be voted on and the player who creates the winning map will receive a cash prize of $100! (Roughly £60) [b][i]Sounds awesome, but I don't know how to map?[/i][/b] Well, our own Map Team Advisor RaRaAvIs will be holding mapping tutorial meetings over the next two months to help you guys! [b][i]I'd love to be in the chance for winning all that cash, but I just don't have any time to map![/i][/b] Well, that's where you're wrong! The final due date for submitting completed maps is May 1st so by spending around an hour or two, twice a week you'll have spent at least 40 hours on making your map which is more then enough to create a decent map! It doesn't have to look like gold, as long as it plays like gold! If you are new mapping, just turn up to RaRaAvIs' tutorials and he'll help you extensively, there's also a large collection of mapping tutorials to help you on your way! So if you spend 10 hours to learn how to map and what CoD4 Radiant does, that'll technically leave you with 30 hours going by the same schedule which should be enough time if you stay dedicated! [b][i]I can't think of anything to map, can you help me?[/i][/b] Well, the best advice I can give is:[list] [*]Look around where you live, maybe create a few houses based on your own house [*]Play some old games and use the same map layouts, like Metal Gear Solid 2 - you could copy the layout of the oil rig, or parts of it to create your map! [*]If you think of anything, sketch it! Use MS Paint if you have to, a simple picture works better then trying to memorize the layout of some glorious battlefield! [*]Use parts of movies, like the part from Kill Bill: Vol 2 when Black Mamba (Uma Thurman) has to kill all those yakuza before getting to O-Ren (Lucy Liu) in that restaurant/dance bar place [/list] [i][b]I have a friend who would like to help me make my map, can we submit collaborative maps?[/b][/i] Yes, working as a team to create a map is always a good thing! However if you won you'll just have to share the winnings!:) If you're still not quite sure, then why not give it a go? go on! You know you want to. :D So the full details are as followed:[list] [*]The [b]FINAL[/b] due date is May 1st 2008 [*]Maps submitted should be able to be tested for BFE Play at the time of submission [*]All maps will be tested by the Map Council and Admins [*]Winning Map maker will win $100 (roughly £50) [*]RaRaAvIs will be holding mapping tutorial meetings over the course of the next two months, to prepare anyone interested [*]Anybody interested should contact RaRaAvIs or [DO]*=DaN=* on the Battle for Europe forums to be added to the Mapping Team [/list] [b]So what are you waiting for? Lets get MAPPING! Hoorah! 10-4 Soldiers! Join the Map Team Today if you wish to learn how to create custom maps OR If you are currently creating a map - contact RaRaAvIs or [DO]*=DaN=* on the Battle for Europe forums![/b] ~ Battle for Europe Staff [url=""][/url]
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