BFECoD 5 Years Old + 24 Hour Battle

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Battle for Europe: Call of Duty, is 5 years old today and to mark this birthday we will be having an Open 24 Hour Battle, 25 Vs 25!

That's right, hard to believe that it's been 5 years since Call of Duty 1 has been released. The tournament has seen the ups and the downs throughout the years, and now BFE CoD is just gearing up for the release of Call of Duty: World at War, which should see the tournament through for at least another 2 years.

To find out more information about the 24 Hour Battle - Click Here

A Little History about BFE CoD
Firstly, the concept of BFE was created by MFOTs for Day of Defeat. The concept of being able to spend 12 hours fighting alongside other grunts under the command of officers, performing strategies and tactics in the hopes to gain territory over the World War 2 map of Europe became pretty popular early on. The BFE: DoD tournament was so great that MFOTs decided to build another BFE tournament for BF1942 once that was released. BF1942 seemed more suitable for the BFE concept, because you had various different squads, one for infantry, one for air, one for tanks and so on. The two tournaments were very popular. The BF1942 tournament was named BFE: World at War, and this tournament is still alive today, currently using Forgotten Hope 2 mod for Battlefield 2. Visit: www.bfewaw.com to find out more about it.

Duck, a member from BFE: DoD was a huge fan of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, so he talked with MFOTs about a tournament for the game. MFOTs agreed however they soon abandoned the idea for a tournament for Medal of Honor, because Call of Duty 1 was soon to be released. Therefore they changed the tournament to be BFE CoD.

The first three tournaments were created to provide a fun, strategic change to public servers. They were setup to reenact World War 2, using a RISK style campaign setup.

Once Call of Duty 1 was released, the first alpha and beta campaign began, which saw various changes to the administration setup, along with changes to the server numbers (17v17 was way too many for the stock maps).

The very first BFE:CoD battle was probably on Saturday 18th October 2003.
However the first BFE:CoD experience with CoD1 was: Saturday 11th October 2003. Mainly because after the game was released, we didn't have a server, so the first Saturday was just a get together on teamspeak and invade a public server. Remember this was before Xfire was even created!

The very first BFE:CoD Campaign (after alpha and beta) - the server was set to 14v14, and we didn't really have a mod either, not till about half way through that campaign when we used CoDAM which allowed us to limit the weapons and do other nessasary things to keep BFE in order.

Around BFE: CoD campaign 7, in early 2005. MyInternetServices.com bought all the MFOTs tournaments, this led to every tournament being able to expand and grow being backed by the largest game server provider for America.

Note: Some of this may be wrong, I joined back in October 23rd 2003, and that was because I saw an advert that Duck had posted about for a MOH:AA tournament... the website back then was: moh.battleforeurope.com - or something like that, then it redirected to: cod.battleforeurope.com but still had the MOHAA banner... until CoD1 was released... If you were around BFE back in 2003 then please contact me so we can get the accurate history written up!

24 Hour Battle: Information

Well to mark the 5 years of BFE, we are doing a 24 hour battle, which will be open to the public.

It starts at 4pm GMT (11am EST) on Saturday 8th November 2008, and ends at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) on Sunday 9th November 2008.

You will need the following maps:

mp_lockdown.zip - Download
mp_scrap.zip - Download
mp_burg.zip - Download
mp doneck - Download
mp_dgtown.zip - Download
mp_twin2.zip - Download
mp_inferno.zip - Download
mp_meanstreet2.zip - Download
We will be running the Battle for Europe mod, which you can download off the server.

CoD4 Server IP:

If you want, you can jump on our teamspeak server during the battle!

Teamspeak IP:
Teamspeak Password: bfecod4

Note: Friendly fire is on, please try not to kill your teammates, intentional teamkilling will get you banned.

To view the 24 Hour Battle Information - Click Here

Have Fun
Frag Hard


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