BFECoD Campaign 19 Open!

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[IMG]http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p19/bchockey191/bfe19_registration.png[/IMG] [url="http://www.bfecod.com"]Battle For Europe - Campaign 19 Opened[/url] [b]Battle for Europe[/b], the Official Call of Duty Tournament sponsored by [b]MyInternetServices, LLC[/b], is proud to announce that registration for it's 19th campaign - and second live CoD4 campaign is [b]OPEN![/b] [b]Whats new for this campaign?[/b] Well the BFE Mod has a whole load of new features: [list][*]Unique Camoflaged weapons for each company![*]Bolt action rifle added as a 'new weapon' - tho we are looking for modellers to create a model for the bolt[*]A BFE Logo on every map loadscreen (like BF2's server logo's)[*]Weapons per side - m4 for coalition, ak47 for opposition![*]SP Guns, like the aimpoint on the g36c![*]and more...[/list] We've also changed the server limits to be 12v12, instead of 14v14, and we have also dropped the +3 limit to be +2. [b]How did this campaign start?[/b] [i]The year is 2009, the world is at peace. With General Killuaxc of the 101st Airborne Regiment having conquered Iraq, and Marshal Pavlov of the 132nd Guards Red Banner Order of Suvorov and Kutznesov Regiment controlling the countries surrounding Iraq, a debate was formed. General Killuaxc and the Coalition Commanding Officers attend a meeting with Marshal Pavlov and the rest of the Opposition Commander Officers to discuss the future of Baghdad. General Killuaxc has decided to build several nuclear power stations in Iraq, however Marshal Pavlov disagrees strongly with this descision. General Killuaxc explains why he feels that nuclear power stations should be built in Iraq. Marshal Pavlov opposes and explains how terrorists still exist in Iraq and that terrorists will perform attacks on the nuclear power stations. Brigadier General DarK interrupts and defines that his soldiers will be stationed at each nuclear power station. Polkovnik General VaSHZoR does not seem convinced that the Coalition will be able to defend against the amount of terrorists that are still in Iraq. The argument erupts and ensues for several minutes, until Lieutenant Colonel Punisher offers a solution, a simple compromise. He offered that the Coalition will build one nuclear power station to provide electricity to Iraq. Podpolkovnik Dave8K suggested that the nuclear power station be built inside Baghdad, and that the Coalition must be stationed around it to defend it from any possible terrorist attacks. General Killuaxc and Marshal Pavlov come to an agreement and the meeting is ended. Several months later, Marshal Pavlov discovers that General Killuaxc has built 3 nuclear power stations. Furious at the discovery, Marshal Pavlov orders X-Ray Company to attack the capital city of Iran, Tehran; where Lima Company have been stationed. The stealth attack was a success, leaving Lima Company to retreat to the border of Iraq. General Killuaxc outraged at this sudden attack, orders Sierra Company to attack the Oil Rigs in Saudi Arabia, Vympel Company stationed in the capital city, Riyad defend gallantly against the Coalition. Marshal Pavlov provoked by this attack, declares to his regiment that: "We are at war." The Opposition equip and mobilize soldiers in various territories. General Killuaxc sends out this urgent important report: "Soldiers! Prepare yourselves. War is upon us!" The Coalition respond to this call to arms and militarize all enlisted soldiers. The campaign has just begun.[/i] Good luck to both sides, this campaign and we look forward to fragging with you. [url="http://bfecod.totalgamingnetwork.com/forum.php"]www.bfecod.com[/url]

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