BPCOD4: Tour Of Duty 5 & Football!

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Breaking Point COD4: Global Conflict - www.bpcod4.com
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1. About Global Conflict
We've created a COD4 tournament in a world that is set 8 years from now in the future. Its a world where you have 2 sides at war against each other to influence and rule the world based on their beliefs. These 2 sides fight for control of countries in a Tour Of Duty.

2. Tour Of Duty
A Tour Of Duty is a 6 week war in COD4 between the 2 sides to capture or defend countries. We play 5 missions a week on Thursdays (2 missions) and Sundays (3 missions), which is a total of 30 missions in a tour. The side that wins the most Victory Points at the end of the tour sucessfully captures/defends the nations in conflict.

A player who signs up starts out as a soldier fighting for a side. You will join a division and rise above the ranks during the tour. Every new tour has new divisions which are led by new officers.

3. Leaders
When a player has gained enough experience he has the option to get into more of our world by becoming a leader. A leader gets to own a country and join one of the 2 sides. The leader will chose to expand his empire for their side in order to control the world. This brings a new dynamic and cause for conflict to our world because we have many leaders working together and against the opposing side for one common goal.. to take the world.

So if a gamer just wants to play in a tour he can. If he wants to get into it more of our world we give them that option by becoming a leader, which allows him to create conflict.

4. Tour Of Duty 5: Proxy War Era
We are entering 5th Tour Of Duty for COD4 and our 15th in the entire cod series. In Tour Of Duty 5, 4 nations (Germany, Poland, Romania, and Italy) are up for grabs.

The Proxy War era is upon us now and 2 superpower alliances are influencing other nations to join them and take the world. On one side we have the U.N. Peacekeepers who do not attack but liberate nations from occupation and believe in freedom. Then we have the Aggressors side led by the Brotherhood Federation who believe in taking, controlling, and then bringing peace. These 2 sides are about to collide in Tour Of Duty 5.

Brother Hood Federation : Aggressors - Currenty have 11 nations in alliance.
The only way to achieve peace in the world is by controlling it. When you have full control of the world only then can you bring peace to it, only then can you help the less fortunate, and only then we will be one world.

Join us and or be forced to!

United Nations: Peacekeepers - Currently have 12 nations in alliance.
We are the defenders of freedom in the world. We help the less fortunate and liberate them from insurgent attacks and occupation. Those who are willing to join our ranks will live a life of protection and freedom.

Join us and free the world!

5. COD4 Gameplay
- We play in Hardcore mode for S&D, SAB, and DOM.
- We play in over 50 custom maps with new maps added every tour.
- We have weapons limits and extra weapon purchasing during a tour.
- Our sponsors provide EU and NA servers for all our players, so you can play with a decent ping.
- During missions, a player joins and plays as much or as little as he wants.
- Each side is led by good officers and they help lead their teams with teamwork and tactics during missions.
- We focus on 3 major elements during missions which is fun, teamwork, and sportmanship. This creates an experience in a BP environment not seen in pubs or scrims.

6. Monday Night Football League: COD4
We've recently started a new COD4 football league next to our GC tournament. You can come check it out and sign up for that as well.

- Sign up and be drafted to a team.
- Each team is run like a football team with salary caps and free agents.
- A season runs for 6 weeks with a Superbowl to end it.
- Matches are played on our BPCOD4 Football map.
- Matches are every Mondays at 8PM EST.

Previews: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

7. BPCOD4 Videos
We've made many cod movies over the years which you can check out here or download higher quality versions at our site.

- Recently released: C.I.
- BP Cellular: BP Cellular

8. BPCOD4 Community
We are a community first and we keep our tournament that way. Our community helps decide and support where our tournament heads into. They help make changes every tour for a better experience. We have one of the best gaming communities because we help each other out in all areas, and we will help you if you need assistance.

We welcome all players from all walks of life to come check us out and see if its something you want to be part of.

Thank you for your time!

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