Breaking Point CoD4: Global Conflict

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Published by xXezekielXx 12 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The Breaking Point Tournament team has got quite the set of plans for Call of Duty 4, so I won't go on rambling... Just check out their detailed news post below. ;) -xXezekielXx
Announcement for CoD4 Players Breaking Point CoD4: Global Conflict - Sponsored by DGServers - Introduction BPCoD4 site has just been launched and we are proud to present our new CoD4 tournament. In CoD4 everything you know about tourney style gameplay will change. We have created a living world that is constantly updating itself due to world conflicts. Where you start as a soldier in a Tour of Duty, and later have the option of becoming a Leader of a Nation. Its an aggressors vs. peackeepers world! Backdrop Our world takes place in the year 2014 E.O.D (End of Days). The years are now counted after a tragic event that changed the world completely. That day we call Doomsday. After that day, peace in the world started to unravel and freedom was lost. The UN, NATO, and the EU all were gone by the end of the year. Civil and 3rd World Wars erupted. Then eight superpower nations seized the opportunity to take control for the sake of human existence. They brought peace to the world but then they started to bully the world at the same time. They became a new United Nations. They help out any current government who might be taken over by another group. The role of a peackeeper has changed to a world police. You now have a conflict of guerilla leaders or aggressors who are trying to take over countries and the UN sending peacekeepers to stop them. Tour of Duty You will start as a soldier fighting for the aggressor or the peacekeeper cause in CoD4. You will play mission-style battles and whoever wins in the tour changes the state of success of the country. Lead a Nation Once you have enough experience, you are eligible to lead a nation in this world. Not only can you take countries but you can make/break alliances with other leaders. There will be a bid system, money system, and services. You are fighting other leaders and taking their country which are decided in a tour. These leaders are creating a global conflict each tour. You are an aggressor leader. Leaders will bid against each other before a tour starts to decide where in the world the tour will begin. The winning bid starts the Tour of Duty and the conflict will begin. Aggressor vs. Peacekeeper The faith of the country is now in your hands as a soldier and the cause you are fighting for. You will play an aggressor soldier helping the cause and try to take over a country. Or you will be a peackeeper soldier called in by the UN to help support the current government. The side that wins the tour decides the fate of the country. United Nations As you build your empire you will notice that you are constantly paying the UN. These eight superpower countries make the policies and change the money system in the world every tour. They are a powerful group and you want in! And if you become a threat to them and the world, then they will bid together and come after you in the next tour. Why? Because you are an aggressor to them. If they win a tour against you, they remove you from power and strip you from your country (or countries), and you will start all over at a lone country. Once you are eligible to be a leader, you are one for life. If you lose your country then you restart again after a waiting period. Your Goal Your goal as a leader is to build an empire that qualifies to attack a UN Superpower country. If you win the bid and then win the tour, then you will knock out that UN leader and take his seat and his country. You are now a UN leader and rule the world with the other seven. When does it start? When are the Battle Days? Our site just went live and we will be figuring out CoD4. We are looking to start soon and battles will take place every Wednesdays and Saturdays. We will hopefully have our CoD4 server up on game release so check our site for the IP. BPCoD4 Promotional Trailer YouTube Link: Download Link: We are excited with this new system we are going to implement in CoD4. You can just play CoD4 in a tour or go beyond that and change the world. Go check out our new site which should explain more—we hope you like it! It is designed to deliver news as our world changes every tour in CoD4. Thank you for your time, CoDFiles! Breaking Point Tournaments | |
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