BustedPunks Celebrates Over 12,000 Busted Punks

By Northerner 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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[url=http://www.bustedpunks.com/]BustedPunks[/url] is home to the new anti-cheat project code named White Light. The White Light project works with Even Balance, the developers of Punkbuster and targets paid cheat sites. White Light is directly responsible for over 12,000 Global bans which represents over 50% of all PB kick bans. An astounding feat considering White Light has only been in existence for eight months. Users of cheats are certainly feeling the effect of White Light with many comments being seen from cheaters themselves. [quote]I just bought my cheats like 5 min ago, and every server I join I get kicked by PB for aimbot, sooo I want a refund or some cheats that will work and arn't detected for my BF2[/quote] [quote]Anyways it must suck... Seems like everytime you guys release a fix something else is detected.... Just curiouse how much of a headache does PB cause ? i mean it seems to me like every other day PB has an update or something and now with the huge banlist of players... It kinda low how they detected it and added everyone who was detected to the ban list then did the stupid violation thing...[/quote] The White Light team has contributed significant time to the project and you will continue to see the work of the team into the future. To learn more about the project visit the team's website at: http://www.bustedpunks.com

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