Frontlines War Server Released!

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Frontlines 4.0 with the War Server Released!!!

Frontlines War Server

Finaly the so awaited War Server it's ready to change the FPS gaming history forever! War Server it's a feature from Frontlines which will transform your server into a full war instead of isolated battles like all FPS servers in the world.

In a resume, the War Server will emulate a Single Player game using the maps from Multiplayer to trace a campaign where each team have the objective to advance into the enemy territory, find the VIP which have the location of the Commander and eliminate him. The first team to do that wins the war.

Now the clans will play Wars instead of just battles!

Frontlines 4.0 | Medic Perk Frontlines 4.0 | War Server Frontlines 4.0 | UAV Perk

Aside the War Server, version 4.0 have few new great features, like the Medic and UAV perks which are in those videos above, the brand new Silent Mode to Weapons Modes, and others.

Download Frontlines 4.0 with the War Server right now and let the Wars start! 8 new gametypes are already in development to the next releases, and also a version to COD:WaW is planned.


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