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Published by Northerner 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The Company Gaming Community has a new project... Our newest venture is opening up a sister site of sorts to our community gaming site. This is a one stop shop to help you down the path of finding the mod, map, or weapon skin that is right for your gaming community. In our own communities quest to do so we have found a need for this type of median. Sort of a hub to find all things needed for setting up your modded gaming server and adding all the new fun things that go with them. Well here you have it. The Company Mod Hub... Inside you will find a forum area in which architects of some of the finest Call of Duty Series Mods, Maps, and Weapon Skins have been invited to set up shop. To date, we have accepting invitations Marc from ACE @, Joker from eXtreme @, Paulo88 maps @, ZeLimper Skins @, and we hope many more. They have the freedom to set up basic tutorials, downloads, and links to their own individual websites... We are absolutely sure that there are many more diamonds in the rough out there so everyone else is more then welcome to join this what hopes to be premiere one stop shop for your server needs.... The Companies own =TC= Weapons + Skinz mod for Call of Duty 4 contains just a few basic changes to the individual weapons themselves and some really fun skins for the weapon models. We did not add any new weapons nor did we try to introduce some of the single player weapons that have been tried of late. Our vast experience with gaming has always taught us sometimes less is more. What we did do after much consultation with our own community real life weapons experts Moose(Competition Shooter), Musky(Law Enforcement), Auto (U.S. Army), and Savage(Weapons Collector and Law Enforcement is go over each weapon and correct range, damage, and aim down site kick... Most of the weapons had one more clip added and some had a few fun changes. The mod contains a full auto military style G3 along with some 200 round boxes for the LMG's. One of our biggest concerns from our expert members was rate of fire. After much painstaking research we found that Activision/Infinity Ward were very close if not exact on all of the weapons. Kudos to these guys they are the best... However, we did find a few that needed adjusting. You can read further details at the website or try the mod out for yourself on our =TC= Weapons Hardcore! Remember, we recommend using this mod for hardcore server setup's. In closing our goal with the mod was to bring things even closer to real life without unbalancing the field of play. Let's face it! Everyone from the 1 hour a week gamer to the 24/7 addicts want to have a good time. We just tried to make the playing field a little bit better. This leads us back to our new website. Why not have a place were the best of the best can put their heads together, a search for you diamonds in the rough happens daily, and a convenient one stop shop. So come on in and join the fun filled times of Call of Duty 4 modifications, map making, and weapon skinning. "Just offering more support for this great community of the Call of Duty Series" The Company
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