Nitro.Gaming Starting European Tournament

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Nitro.Gaming has a pretty interesting tournament for all you European clans out there wanting to fight. [quote]During this year's Christmas holiday our clan, #N!tro.Gaming*, organizes a cup for European CoD4 Players. Every team in Europe can join the cup and try to win match after match without getting knocked out. We want to have a nice time together during these days. The cup is here for fun so we made our own modification with the good things of CoD4 enabled, and the less good things disabled. Because we don't want lag the cup is for European players only. Teams can decide whether they want to play a 4vs4 or a 5vs5. The Cup Management decides which maps will be played, this to make the fun part of the Cup even bigger! No worries - bad maps won't be chosen ;) Feel like joining or just interested? Visit the #N!tro.Gaming* X-Mas Cup Homepage at: http://www.northampshireyeomanry.nl/glock47/index.html (or www.nitrocup.eu.tt)[/quote]

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