Petition against CoD4 exploits

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Well, it looks like some people have found exploits to allowing certain cheats and advantages to the game. But rather than keeping it a secret, they are actually spreading the word. Why? Simple, to get the attention of IW to fix it. KillerSam, the starter of this out cry has been posting on forums everywhere and has even started a petition, his target: to get the ears of Infinity Ward so they can fix and prevent these exploits. The above link gives details of how you can gain a completely unfair advantage in multiplayer CoD4, any patch version. You can gain advantages such as: - see over walls and behind you. - 24/7 real time radar, with red dots showing on compass, even on Hardcore servers. - See through smoke (some servers). - Laser dots (like single player demo level, on some servers) There are many more!! The commands in the link work on servers WITHOUT CHEATS ENABLED, I have also seen this work in the PAM mod and can be used in many leagues!! Please sign - and pressure IW into fixing this crazy exploit! Spread the link also, in xfire statuses, forums e.t.c Thank You!
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