PeZBOT v6.2 - fixes bugs found in v6.0

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Hi everyone,

Pezzalucifer (bot creator) has released v6.2 of his bot mod for CoD4 which fixes a couple of bugs found in v6.0. See Readme file for full details but basically it is as follows:

  • Fixed waypoints for Killhouse and Broadcast. (added waypoints near spawn points so bots don't get lost, and fixed waypoints that go through or too close to walls, trees etc..).
  • Fixed "error dobj for xmodel 'body_mp_arab_regular_assault' has more than 128 bones (see console for details)". This was caused by having more than one weapon attached to the body. All i did was put a return in the stow_on_back and stow_on_hip functions.

Download here:;10675619;/fileinfo.html


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