Pickups.gg Goes Live!

By xXezekielXx 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Here's an awesome new free personal server hosting and player-matching site with a fresh idea and what looks to be a promising future. Read the release below! -xXezekielXx [quote]Multiplay have officially launched the beta version of their website Pickups.gg (http://www.pickups.gg) The COD4 Hardcore version of the site is working fully in its beta stages. The site also has sections for COD4 Promod, COD2, CS1.6, CSSource, Crysis, DOD, Q3, TF2, UT, UT2004, UT3, Warsow and WIC. What are pickups?... "Pickups" are a way of forming groups of players for a particular game. After choosing what you want to play the system will then find other gamers and match you together, forming teams. When the teams are full a server is automatically created and a Ventrilo server given to you. Join the server and get playing - it's 100% FREE! How can I join in?... 1) Go to http://www.pickups.gg/register/ and register an account. 2) Check your email and confirm the account 3) Go to http://www.pickups.gg/play/ and click Play Match 4) At COD4 S&D Hardcore click Join Match You may have to type your login details here. Agree to the terms and conditions by pressing I Agree. 5) Once inside the "room" press Add To Match - you can see the status of how many players are required at the top of the screen. Once enough players have "added up" you will be given an server to connect to. 6) You can type !vent inside the "room" to get details of the Ventrilo server you must connect to, you will find the server IP in the Ventrilo room.[/quote]

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