Tour of Duty 2: Slovakia & Ukraine

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Announcement for COD4 Players
Breaking Point COD4: Global Conflict -
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About Global Conflict
Global Conflict is a tournament where Leaders are trying to take over the world by insurgency and influence. Where a countries faith is decided in a Tour Of Duty in COD4 gameplay.

Our world takes place in the year 2014 E.O.D (End of Days). The years are now counted after a tragic event we call "Doomsday" which changed the world completely. The world was on the verge of nuclear war then 8 superpower nations seized the opportunity to take control for the sake of human existence. They formed a new United Nations and now control the world.

During this time Aggressive Leaders have started to rise up in the world with a goal of conquering the world. You now have a conflict of guerrila leaders or aggressors who are trying to take over countries and the UN sending peacekeepers to stop them.

About Entering Our World
A player joins and starts out as a soldier fighting for the aggressors or the peacekeepers cause in a Tour Of Duty. He then rises above the ranks and leads armies to victories that constantly change our world as countries are taken over or are prevented from being taken over. He then becomes eligible to lead a nation and becomes an aggressive leader in the world. This allows him to create alliances and deals with other nations in order to pursue his goal.

Tour Of Duty
A countries fate is decided during a Tour Of Duty where soldiers fight for the aggressors or the peacekeepers cause in COD4. A players participation in the missions have great influence in the final outcome and faith of a nation.

Lead A Nation
Once you have enough experience, you are eligible to lead a nation in this world. Not only can you take countries but you can make/break alliances with other leaders. You are fighting other leaders and taking their country which are decided in a tour. These leaders are creating a global conflict each tour. You are an aggressive leader.

The United Nations
As you build your empire you will notice that you are constantly paying the UN. These 8 superpower countries make the policies and change the money system in the world every tour. They are a powerful group and you want in! If you become a threat to the United Nations & the world then the United Nations will come after you in a Tour Of Duty, and try remove you from power. Why? because you are an aggressor to them.

We play full hardcore mode in SnD, SAB, and DOM.

Mission Days
We play every Thursdays & Sundays which are 5 missions a week and 25 missions in total for a Tour Of Duty.

Tour Of Duty 2: Slovakia & Ukraine
Our next tour is about to start in the following countries and their faith are now your hands. If you become an aggressor soldier you will be attempting to take over these nations. If you become a peacekeeper soldier you are trying to free these nations from this insurgency.

The U.N. has sent the 1st Marine Recon Division led by General.Ghost to combat these insurgents. While Aggressive leaders have sent in the Royal Republic Guard led by General.Codog to invade and take over these nations. It's going to be a fun and very intense tour and we hope players check us out.

BPCOD4 Videos
We have made alot of vids since cod2 and these are our recent for cod4. You can download higher quality versions at our site and find others.

BP Cellular:
S.E.R.P.I.C.O. Teaser:
Global Conflict Launch Trailer:

If your interested them come check us out. If players have questions then post in our forums and we will do our best to answer them. We are gamers who created something for gamers that is community based and have 2 major elements which is fun and playing teamwork together.

Thank you for your time! Thanks CODFILES as always!

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