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It's been a while since I the last release UltraStats for Call of Duty 2. Some know the stats parser already, it has now been enhanced and fixed to work with Call of Duty 4! This is the first BETA release, so don't expect it to be perfect. There will still be bugs, and not all stats parsing will be possible for Cod4 due the missing informations in the logfile. Here is a list of available features: MultiGame Support: You can choose between Call of Duty, Call of Duty UO, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare during installation. But note, it is NOT possible to mix the games within one installation. MultiServer ability: This means you can have up to 255 Servers within ONE UltraStats Installation! Parse by GUID or Name: Due massive code changes in the GUID handling, it is now possible to calculate stats based on the players GUID or NAME. Main Overview With Top Played Rounds, Top Players, Serverlist and Medallist Total Statistics And per Server statistics, so you can either view statistics for all servers consolidated, or only for a Server. Round based Stats This means each played round is recorded and can be viewed in a large list. It is also possible to filter the rounds by gametype Round Details For each round you will be able to view details like Kills, Deaths, a chatlog and round ratio per player. Player Search You can search either by Ingame-GUID or PlayerAlias Player Stats Lists players by different criteria's like most kills or deaths. Player Details Singleplayer Stats: Every player has his own stats or profile where you can see the following details: - Top used Aliasnames - Last played rounds - Last ingame chats - Top used weapons - Top played maps - Most killed players - Most killed by others - Hitlocation analysis with player model. Weapon Stats Display details about the weapons and the Top Killer's and Top Killed By. If you filter by server, you will only see the weapons that have been used on the server. Server Stats Shows the maps played on the Server, sorted by PlayCount. For each map you can also browse through the last played rounds. Admin Center Gives you the possibility to fully administrate UltraStats. You can edit players, add / edit servers, download and parse logfiles, or clean up the database. SCP / SSH Support This is for advanced users, if you own your webserver and gameserver, and have the power to install extension into your PHP, you can install and use the SSH2 extension for PHP found here: http://pecl.php.net/package/ssh2 Kindly use scp:// instead of ftp:// in the ftp path option, the stats will automatically make use of the SSH2 extension then. Ban Players If you think someone cheats you can simple ban him in the Player editor. He will be totally hidden in the stats, but the data remains intact. You can also delete him if you want to totally get rid if him ! MultiLanguage By default there is english and german, but other languages are easily possible. Contact us if you are interested in translation UltraStats into your foreign language! Time Logging A little bit experimential as it is a mix of the file creation date of the logfile, and the time entries in the logfile, which start from 0 everytime the server is restarted. Performance im Parser People who used UltraStats before know that the parser became slower and slower when the database size was increasing. I have rewritten parts of the parser to speed up performance, so even a 1GB logfile isn't a problem anymore for a medium scaled webserver. Your MYSQL Server will happy about this change A demo website is available under: http://cod4demo.ultrastats.org/ Screenshots from the demo website and the Admin Center can be found in our Gallery: http://www.shooter-szene.de/Gallery-2006_03_UltraStats.phtml Download of UltraStats beta 0.2.236 can be found here: http://www.shooter-szene.de/CmodsDownload-index-req-viewsingledownload-lid-2936-ttitle-UltraStats_Beta_0.2.236_for_Call_of_Duty_ALLE_Versionen.phtml or codfiles.com The Installation of UltraStats is pretty easy, kindly use the inbuild installer. For Details see the installation.htm or go here: http://cod4demo.ultrastats.org/docs/installation.htm We are happy about any comments, bug reports and even criticism! Kindly write into our Forums: UltraStats Forum English: http://www.shooter-szene.de/PNphpBB2-viewforum-f-192.phtml UltraStats Forum Deutsch: http://www.shooter-szene.de/PNphpBB2-viewforum-f-193.phtml
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