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All Files In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare AK-47
AK-47 Hibana's AK-47 Skin Pack

Hibana's latest three-pack of AK-47 skins for CoD4 is my favorite of his so far. It includes African, black, and standard versions of the A...


AK-47 DeekCiti's AK47

AK47 Skin for COD4 version 1.0


AK-47 Vdog77's AK47

This mod will convert your regular AK-47 skin from wood and light metal to a more synthetic look. (Goes with my Colt, AK74U, and Dragunov)


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A Skin For The AK47 in COD4


AK-47 GRIEVER Carbon Fiber AK47

I Changed The Wood From My Other AK Skin To Carbon Fiber ...


AK-47 Gold AK-47 Reskin

AK47 Skin for COD4 tested on version 1.0


AK-47 F-Plus's AK47 skin

This is my first skin ever. I did the AK47, and you can see the result in the screenshots. Have fun with it :)


AK-47 desert camo ak47

this is a new desert camo skin for ak47


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AK-47 LeoSweden's M90 AK47

Here's the first public mod from this developer, LeoSweden, a skin for the CoD4 AK47 that gives it a Swedish M90 camo pattern. Check it out...