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Dragunov SVD

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Dragunov SVD Hibana's Dragunov SVD Skin Pack

Here's another cool new pack of CoD4 skins from Hibana, this time focused on the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle. These ones are pretty good, bu...


Dragunov SVD Vdog77's Dragunov

This mod will convert your regular Dragunov skin from wood and dark metal to a more synthetic look. (Goes with my Colt, AK74U, and AK47)


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A Skin For The SVD for COD4


Dragunov SVD Project's Dragunov SVD

This Dragunov has new wood furniture - the wood is actually birch lightened up a bit. Looks pretty Soviet - has the look of laminated stocks...


Dragunov SVD Gold Draqunov Reskin

This is a skin that makes the original Gold Draqunov more gold looking.