Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
M1911 .45

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M1911 .45 Vdog77's Synthetic Colt .45 (M1911) Skin

Here's a pretty good new M1911 skin for Call of Duty 4 by a new developer in the CoDFiles database known as Vdog77. He calls this his "sy...


M1911 .45 Notsafeforwork's M1911 Skin

Here's a very cool reskin of the CoD4 M1911 handgun by Notsafeforwork. This one reminds me more of the WWII look, but that's definitely n...


M1911 .45 Hibana's M1911 Skinpack

Check out the screenshots below, there's no need for explanation really.


M1911 .45 DC Colt 1911

Colt 1911 skin for COD4 see README file


M1911 .45 Shrub's Colt M1911 skin

Shrub91's Colt M1911 skin


M1911 .45 Shrub's Colt M1911 skin

Here's version 2 of Shrub91's Colt .45 skin. It's got a new specular map, a new wooden grip, and more screenshots. (for you screenshot junki...


M1911 .45 Project's M1911

Here's a new 1911 skin. It's based off the Mark IV, with it's new markings (with Colt pony) and brand spanking new grips. Enjoy.


M1911 .45 PenguinGeneral's 1911 Skin

Changes the Colt 1911 skin to a higher rez and more detailed skin. Aslo changes the weapon selection icon in MP. Works in both SP and unrank...


M1911 .45 PG's Colt 1911 Skin Pack

This pack includes 3 high resolution skins for your enjoyment in either singleplayer or multiplayer! The pack includes an all black, a silve...