Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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All Files In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare M9
M9 Hibana's M9 Skin Pack

Hibana's got another great new pack of realism-inspired CoD4 weapon skins for us today, this one being focused on the M9. You get three di...


M9 BrontoX's Silver Beretta Skin

Check out the screenshots for an idea of what this skin looks like.


M9 Vdog77's Silver M9 Beretta

This mod will convert your regular M9 skin from all black to a silver frame and a black dark gray grip.


M9 DC M9 Silver Beretta

M9 Beretta Silver skin for COD4


M9 DC M9 Black Beretta

M9 Beretta Black skin for COD4


M9 BrontoX's M9 Silver Beretta Skins

It is my second version of the silver M9 Beretta, this time the sides of the pistol are no longer grey they are more silver.