Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Maps MP Complex

The map is a Marine repair base in Iraq being attacked by insurgents.


Maps Forsaken Industry 2.0

Forsaken Industry 2.0 Author: Maarten Scholl Website: Contact: [email protected]


Maps Carentan

A Perfect Conversion of Carentan from vCoD to CoD4. Built to a perfect 1:1 scale. Supports DM TDM SD DOM KOTH.


Maps Osama's Beach

Small open area map with lots of sand and plenty of cover, looks great for sniping for CoD4.


Maps MP_Onslaught

MP_ONSLAUGHT update (version 1.1 - 6 july 2008) After I read the tips for my map and experienced it ingame with other people for a few da...


Maps Convoy Assault

Well this map took me months to finish. As its the second map I've ever made It was time very consuming learning all the new techniques on t...


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Second map i made on call of duty i only has TDM and FFA be careful theres hinden walls and watch out for the mines


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first ever map i made of a house


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this is an halo 1 map i made but on call of duty 4 with all the orginal teleports in and working enjoy it :)


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Call of duty 5 map hangar on call of duty 4 of which i made


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Maps Aerodrome map

Map Title: AERODROMEMap Version: BetaCre...


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Maps cod4

mohaa maps for cod4 and awe mod folder


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Maps mp_goodtimes

My version of a COD2 map chateau_le_castle by Shaggy. I love that freakin map thatswhy I renamed it to mp_goodtimes.


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Maps mp_dead_lawn

a grave yard map


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Maps Weapons Free

Just another day at the office with the British SAS. Infiltrate the enemy base torescue Nikolai, then fight through waves of hostiles to ca...


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Maps Call of Duty 4 Suburbs 2 Map



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Maps Map-Pack & awe4 mod installer

12 custom maps packed in this installer together with awe4 mod...


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Maps ITP Snipers Mod & Map-Pack

14 sniper maps packed in this installer together with the ITP Snipers mod...


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Maps WW|Arena

good. TDM spawns are placed at opposite ends of the map,so hopfully only your own team spawn behind you. DM will be a frag fest if you go ov...


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Maps Cloud Citi (Base Assault)

etc). Each map comes with this Global IWD, but all Global IWD's are exactly the same, file replace is not necessary if you are running mult...


Maps MP Ancient

CTF or even KotH. The setting of this map is an area in a sand desert with the morning sun illuminating the ancient ruins of a long f...


Maps mp_ancient_ultimate

Supported game: Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareMap name: mp_ancient_ultimateGame types: dm war sab dom sd ctf kothPlayers: 2 - 10Release date...


Maps mp_ancient

an area in a sand desert with the morning sun illuminating the ancient ruins of a long forgotten race ;-) .Simply place the mp_ancient-folde...


Maps Citi Farm

accessible through a ladder and the other through a secret entrance, not hard to figure out. The house has 3 Entrances and 6 exits. Also w...