Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Miscellaneous CoD4 USMC Woodland Skinpack

This skinpack is packed with skins, imagine that ;) The Marines no longer use desert camo, instead, they are using the woodland MARPAT camo....


Miscellaneous Project's MK23 suppressor

This is a replacement for the default suppressor for pistols, and some subs/long guns. This was modeled after the Knight's Armament suppre...


Miscellaneous Project's Camo Claymore

This a new skin for the claymore mines. It uses a woodland camo pattern to help conceal it in foliage and on the soldier.


Miscellaneous Project's OD Claymore

This is a OD green claymore skin - I think it works well. Real claymores are more OD than desert, so, you go.


Miscellaneous Project's MK23 suppressor

No longer a model of the real Knight's Armament suppressor - this is an actual photograph of the silencer itself. It can't get any more accu...


Miscellaneous Cod4 Beer Barrels

This is a skinpack to change the COD4 barrels into various beer brands