Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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All Files In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare MP5
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MP5 Ze limper's MP5

Here's another of Ze limper's cool camouflage weapon skins for CoD4. This one makes your MP5 a little less visible among the brush. Down...


MP5 Notsafeforwork's Realistic MP5 Skin

Here's a cool reskin of the MP5 in CoD4 by Notsafeforwork that aims at giving you a more realistic look. By this, Notsafeforwork means a w...


MP5 CoD4 Camo MP5 Skin Pack

Here's another CoD4 skin pack for today, this time by killingswitch, giving you two options for the MP5. Both look quite nice; I'm not su...


MP5 Lynx's Silver MP5

A Call Of Duty 4 Realistic MP5



A skin For The MP5 And Also Does The MP5-SD for COD4