Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
DAMN Competition Mod Bilboeeee and dietrizoR 1.07MB 1,008
DAMN Dan and Magnum 585KB 515
DAMN Modified Dan and Magnum 585KB 410
Tactical Night Mod ZeRoY 215KB 149
Tactical Night Mod ZeRoY 139KB 520
Tactical Night Mod ZeRoY 116KB 177
Christmas Mod poltergeist and ccldesty 90KB 1,248
Tactical Night Mod ZeRoY 132KB 1,460
Ryand's No Red Dot Mod Ryand 751B 450
Gold Weapon Mod Waffles 3.17MB 1,572
CoD4 Sniper Mods AbneyPark 504KB 2,822
M21 Suppressed Sniper Rifle Mod ZeRoY 2.57MB 1,659
Frontlines Hajas 2.7MB 2,025
Spawn Protection for stock game v1.1 stoneytheraster 411KB 278
BJustReal (BJR) Realism Bjusterbaarlik 1.39MB 1,583
PeZBOT Bot Mod Pezzalucifer 1.27MB 4,966
rank_mod M@yhem^DoomSlayer 335KB 714
Tactical Night Mod ZeRoY 5.09MB 591
Rank Mod M@yhem^DoomSlayer 657KB 2,427
PeZBOT v4.2 (update) Pezzalucifer 1.33MB 2,464
PeZBOT version 5 Pezzalucifer 1.39MB 4,839
Rifle Sniper Mod ZeRoY 20.48MB 1,376
PeZBOT Pezzalucifer 1.71MB 10,956
Frontlines Hajas 5.89MB 1,163
RSM for Call of Duty 4:MW ZeRoY 19.67MB 600
PeZBOT Pezzalucifer 1.71MB 1,577
Music Mod Waffles 119KB 593
PeZBOT Pezzalucifer 1.31MB 11,315
Another Gametypes Experience CK_Lion 51KB 265
Bash Only Die Hard! 30KB 172
Agent's Mod agon000 1.5MB 760
Mean Ninja Mod koene007 5.58MB 416
Frontlines Hajas 5.95MB 787
Waffle Mod Waffles 14.11MB 116
Waffle Mod Waffles 14.11MB 1,343
Phoenix's Blood Mod Phoenixpl 6.3MB 673
CoD: WaW Bolt Rifles Only Mod Waffles 513KB 910
CoDWaW Bolt Rifles Only Mod Waffles 373KB 568
Dylan's MP RealWar Realism Mod SgtDylan 2.27MB 305
Frontlines War Server Hajas 5.98MB 461