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Scripts Mr_Nickle's Mute Script

Here's the first of a few CoD4 scripts from Mr_Nickle for today, this one offering you a one-button toggle to mute and unmute your CoD4 sou...


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Scripts Mr_Nickle's Volume Script

Here's another Mr_Nickle CoD4 script, this one somewhat related to the last one. It gives you a few different keys on the keyboard for adj...


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Scripts Mr_Nickle's Easy Quit and Disconnect Script

Here's another one of Mr. Nickles handy-dandy (useful) scripts, this one being his "Easy Quit and Disconnect Script." Simply this script wil...


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Scripts Mr_Nickle's Chat Toggle Script

Here's a simple script by Mr_Nickle that allows you to turn your chat box on and off with the touch of a button in CoD4. If it sounds usefu...


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Scripts Mr_Nickle's Sniper Script

Here is the update version to Mr.Nickle's Sniper script for CoD4. This script automatically aims down the scope and holds your breath with t...


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Scripts Mr_Nickle's Simple Fire Rate Script

Ever wanted fire rates for your weapons? Well now you can have the semi-auto function, making it easier to pull of a single shot. It will no...


Scripts Call Of Duty 4 Zoom Script

A well needed zoom script for Call Of Duty 4, (any version should work) This has to be installed with another mod, a mod.ff is NOT includ...


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Scripts Change Objectives Position

This is a system (mainly a script) to add to a map which provide the ability to server admins to move objectives position on a map (which in...


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Scripts Patch 1.6 GSC Memdump

New GCSs and misc. files from newest patch 1.6 - for experienced modders/mappers :)


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Scripts Denisb's Fire Toggle Script

Change the fire mode of your weapon with a push of a button. You can choose from either single, burst, or automatic. Great script for thos...