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All Files In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Single-Player
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Single-Player Wjj91's Weapon Mod

Here's a cool new weapon mod for Call of Duty 4 single-player by Wjj91. The mod focuses on reducing ammo counts and other aspects of the w...


Single-Player 2k sp MiniMod

Single Player minimod for COD4. New enemy characters in US company. New explosion effects: frag grenade, rpg.


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Single-Player Revolution

The ReadMe for this one was difficult to comprehend, but I think I've figured out this new mod by ASDFG. :) What it does is changes your C...


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Single-Player Shadow Mod

Here's a CoD4 single-player weapon mod by ShadowLance that I think is based on crazy weapon behavior. I don't really know much about this...


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Single-Player Fearless CoD4 Crazy SP Weapons

This is a second version of my Crazy SP Weapons Mod aimed at enhancing the totally UN-realistic experience of the game. Changes are based o...


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Single-Player sp AK47 mini mod

This is single player mod. It's changing all weapons (not in snipers mission) in missions to AK47.I personally love to play with AK47 but U...


Single-Player ltspeirs's Realism Mod

Sp realism mod for COD 4 - More battle chatter (edited a lot of map scripts to get this to work, In combat marines Communicate constantly...


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Single-Player M16A4/G3 Single-Player Fire Types Mod

Simple: This mod makes the M16A4 burst fire and the G3 semi-automatic in single-player.


Single-Player F.N.G. Longer Mission

This mod from Qrysalis adds explosive substance training and obstacle training to F.N.G. This should make up for some extra fun in the first...


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Single-Player Swedish Names

To top off my Swedish skin mod, I edited the names file so that all your Allied soldiers (except the lead characters) have Swedish names. It...