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All Files In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Utilities
Utilities Xfire List Generator

This utility is meant for clans that would like to have an xfire list on their site. Instead of having to copy past the Xfires of new clan m...


Utilities CoD4 Campaign Cheats

Here's a useful collection of cheats for CoD4 single-player that could help you gain back a lost campaign (as from a computer or game crash...


Utilities TeamSpeak Viewer

this program allows you to store multiple teamspeak servers, one click connect, view before connecting.


Utilities ModernRcon

This is a program designed to allow Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare server admins the ability to monitor and control their CoD4 servers remot...


Utilities COD4Cleaner

COD4Cleaner will scan your COD4-folder for 3rd party files that are not part of the original game (eg. Mods, Maps...).


Utilities COD4 Log Parse

A tool for server admins to extract chat from their console_mp.log files.


Utilities MOBiCOD4

MOBiCOD4 is a simple script that connects to your Call Of Duty 4 server and reports back certain details that may be useful to you. This is...


Utilities MobiRCON

MobiRCON is a fully blown status and rcon script for Call Of Duty 4 to give you full access to issue rcon commands aswell as check the statu...


Utilities CoD4 Quick Launcher

New small application with some nice and helpfull tools for COD4 Quick launch your favourite COD4 server from desktop Back...


Utilities CoD4 Intro Hax

Hacks?! What? CoDFiles is hosting hacks now?!?! Calm down, soldier—it's not those kind of hacks. :) This "CoD4 Intro Hax" tool lets you quic...


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Utilities CoD4 MW v1.7 Stats Trainer by SparticusX

CoD4 MW v1.7 Stats Trainer


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Utilities cod4_mapgrabber_setup.exe

CoD4 Map Grabber


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Utilities cod4_weaponeditor_setup.exe

CoD4/CoD5 Weapon Editor


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Utilities Call of Duty 4 Patch Switcher

Switches between all versions of Call of Duty 4, 1.0 to 1.7. Please note: You mustplace the patch switcher in your Call of Duty 4 Install Pa...


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Utilities GradoMaker V2

It creates files called GPAD0_MP and GPAD0_CM. They are needed for mods.


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Utilities GradoMaker Encore

Very user Friendly and easy to use.


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Utilities CoD4 Demo Manager

CoD4 Demo Manager is a tool made to help COD movie makers.CoD4 DM allows you to quickly view and inspect cod4 demo files, export demo conten...


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Utilities GameConfigFileManager

A game save Backup/Restore/Import utility with GUI interface! Store all your saved games, maps, configs etc. in one place! Comes with Pre-Co...


Utilities EHD VIP List Generator

problems.Simply it is a program that will generate a list of players so your server can give them special features for donating.Enjoy :) And...


Utilities Mapper's Delight

may work for other COD titles as well, it just has not been tested as of yet.The utility also includes up to 4 custom folder backups and an...


Utilities CLEANUP COD4

Directory COD4clean COD4mainVersio...


Utilities Cleanup for COD4

clean Files to the Directory COD4clean COD4main...


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Utilities MasterColor

the public. Maybe someone will find it useful.


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Modding Paulus' CoDDump

This utility seems very useful, but to be honest, after reading through the ReadMe a couple times, I still can't understand why or how. :P...


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