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Weapons CoD4 Weapons Mod

Here we have another new mod for the CoD4 Demo simply called "CoD4 Weapons Mod." This weapons edit comes to us from GYSGT (a.k.a. {ReVo}TheG...


Weapons SSDangerDoom's SP Realism Mod

SSDangerDoom has produced this single-player realism mod for Call of Duty 4 with a number of changes impacting the weapons in the game. Che...


Weapons Milk Mod for CoD4

Here's a CoD4 version of MilkWorm's Milk Mod that does all sorts of things with your multi-player weapons. If you're already getting bor...


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Weapons CO Death & Destruction CoD4 Weapons Mod

This mod modifies all (see exclude list below) CoD4 weapons to be full auto, increased ammo, no recoil, rapid reload, and increased zoom


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Weapons CO Sticky Nades

This mod modifies all CoD4 frag grenades to have shorter fire time, increased throw speed, increased explosion radius, increased damage, and...


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Weapons CO Auto Pistols

This mod modifies all CoD4 pistols to be full auto, no recoil, rapid reload, and increased zoom; (game animation makes it appear as though...


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Weapons CO M16 Auto GL

This mod modifies the M16 with grenade launcher. Fully automatic M16 grenade launcher with high rate of fire, 999 round grenade clip and no...


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Weapons Fearless' Crazy sp Weapons mod

MOD DESCRIPTION This is a single player only mod aimed at enhancing the tottaly UN-realistic experience of the game. Thi...


Weapons tcweapons_stock

This modification corrects the laser when you, the soldier, enable night vision. No weapons settings have been touched....These are stock on...


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Weapons Impact Detonating Mk2 Grenades

Raise your hands if you find that you can't throw grenades far enough in CoD4. *Counts hands* Mhm, well read on. This mod will make y...


Weapons tc Weapons Custom

Custom Weapon Modification to help bring the weapons in Call of Duty 4 a little bit closer to realism... Cheers!


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Weapons Full Auto Shotgun Mod

CoD4 Multiplayer Full Auto Shogun Mod All Shotguns converted to full auto recoil removed increased damage increased pellet count incr...


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Weapons RPG Mod

Multiplayer RPG modification to all CoD4 RPGs massive increase in fire speed massive increase in damage massive increase in damage radi...


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Weapons Silent Sniper Rifle Mod

CoD4 Multi player Long Range Silent Sniper Rifle Mod All snipers converted to silent All snipers converted to long range 1 shot 1 kill i...


Weapons Single Player Weapons 4 Multiplayer (sp4mp)

This modification replaces several mp weapons with sp weapons. As an extra I have added a nice silver/black eagle skin.


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Weapons CO Tactical Nukes

Multiplayer grenade modification to all CoD4 frag grenades nades explode on impact increased throwing distance increased throw speed d...


Weapons sp Fearless Hollywood Grenade fx

This is a grenade explosion effects mod. The explosions now look like some of the ones in the Hollywood action movies. These are new effec...


Weapons CO Purple Smoke Mod

Changes all CoD4 Multi-player smoke grenade smoke to purple and adds explosive visual effect


Weapons NEW WEAPONS 4 Multiplayer

Overview: This mod replaces several multiplayer weapons with single player and custom weapons; including a few extras. Below i...


Weapons NEW WEAPONS 4 Multiplayer 1.4

Overview: This mod replaces several multiplayer weapons with single player and custom weapons; including a few extras. Below i...


Weapons Melee Sword for Modders

This mod replaces the melee knife with a ninja sword of types. It was modified from IW's knife model and made into sword of sorts. If you ha...


Weapons Scoped Kar98k for CoD4

New weapon Kar98 imported from IW Call Of Duty 2 - This is the scoped version of the Kar98 it has also the original Scope Overlay from COD2


Weapons New Grenade Icon

Feel like changing the appearance of your grenade icon? Now you can with this new red themed hint of impending doom! Check out the screen sh...


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Weapons Full Auto M14

Here is a fully automatic M14 with increased ammo and clip size as well as less recoil. This is my first attempt at editing and working on w...


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